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Your Questions About Forest Hills Queens

June 14, 2012

Mary asks…

how do you get to roosevelt field mall from Forest Hills, Queens?

How do you get to roosevelt field mall from Forest Hills, Queens?
I know theres a LIRR near my house and The E, F, V and R train are near me too.

Administrator answers:

Well to get to roosevelt field mall
you have to take the lirr to the station mineola
and then from there take n21 or n79 and it takes you straight to the mall
the lirr is a bit costly, it’s around i think 14.00 round trip on peak hours and plus 4.00 dollars for the bus.

Laura asks…

What does parking cost in Forest Hills, Queens?

Hello everybody. I’m thinking of moving to Forest Hills, preferably on the northern side of Queens Blvd. I will need to have my car with me and I know that many buildings in the area have garages. I was wondering what the average rate would be to get a parking space in my own building.

Is it worth it or is it better to just try for street parking? Any information at all would be helpful. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

I got 2 tickets so far totally $230 for parking on the street, probably the worst and most frustrating places to find a spot. Go with a inside garage for peace of mind. Good luck

Sharon asks…

Cost of Taxi from Manhattan to Forest Hills Queens?

How much is a taxi from downtown Manhattan – let’s say west village or so – to Forest Hills, at night when there is no traffic? And do taxi drivers give you a hard time for going to Queens?

Administrator answers:

It’s gonna be very expensive, so take the subway, it’s cheap and fast and safe and a MUCH better choice. Just take the F train, which goes straight from the West Village to Forest Hills with no transfers at all! (see link, below)

And, yes, if you get into a cab in Manhattan and give the driver an address in Queens, he might refuse, even though they’re not supposed to. Or, even if he doesn’t refuse, he might drive off and then, a few blocks later, start playing around with his gearshift lever and make it seem like the car is breaking down so you’ll get out, and he’ll drive off and leave you.

That’s why most folks ask the driver if he’ll go to Queens before they even get into the cab, so that way they don’t waste time getting into and out of, like, a dozen cabs before they finally find one that will take them!

Good luck, and the link below is to a map of the subway route…

Jenny asks…

How to get from forest hills queens to “the village” im assuming grenich village?

sorry i dont know how to spell it correctly. Would i take the f train? where is grenich village? how do i get there via subway from forest hills?

Administrator answers:

F train to west 4th street puts you in the heart of Greenwich Village. About a twenty or twenty five minute ride.

The village is in Manhattan in the area below 14th street, bounded on the west by the Hudson and on the East variable by to whom you are speaking, but I would say 2nd Ave. After that it is the East Village. Used to be Alphabet City because the avenues took letter names after !st. Southern boundary is Houston street (pronounced house-ton), after that you are in SoHo

David asks…

What is the best way to travel from Forest Hills, Queens to the Brooklyn Museum?

I am using public transportation.

Administrator answers:

Best Ways by Subway:
Option 1:
Step 1: Taking Manhattan-bound (E) to 42nd St-PABT and walk thru passegeway to Times Sq.
Step 2: Take Brooklyn-bound (2) or (3 straight to Eastern Parkway-Brooklyn Museum.

On Weekends, you could purchase Weekend CityTicket for $3.50 and take inbound Long Island Railroad from Forest Hills to Penn Station.
Then follow sign to 7th Avenue Subway Stations and take Brooklyn-bound (2(3) to Eastern Parkway-Brooklyn Museum.

Chris asks…

How would I get to Forest Hills Library(Queens, NY) by subway?

So I’m trying to get to Forest Hills Library in Queens, NY but i have no idea where it is. I live on Long Island so would I take the LIRR to Jamaica or something and from there take the subway or transfer?

Administrator answers:

The Forest Hills Branch of the Queens Public Library is located at 108-19 71 Avenue (aka Continental Avenue), which is between Queens Blvd and Austin Street. Here’s how to get from Jamaica Station the the Library.

Step 1: at Jamaica Station, take the Manhattan-bound (westbound) “E” train (Blue Line on the subway map) from Sutphin Blvd-JFK/Jamaica Station to Forest Hills-71st/Continental Avenue.

Step 2: at Forest Hills-71st/Continental Avenue, exit the subway and walk a half block south along 71st Avenue from the subway station to the library.

Alternatively, you can also take the LIRR all the way to Forest Hills and walk from there to the library.

I hope this information is very helpful.

Good luck
Native New Yorker

Ruth asks…

How hard will Hurricane Irene hit Forest Hills, Queens?

I live on the 6th floor, which is the second to highest floor (we have 7 floors), and I’ve never been in a hurricane before. Does anyone have any advice on what I should have and if I should stay on the 6th floor? Thanks.

P.S. We live on a hill. My mom says that we’re in a low-flood area, but will that affect it?

Administrator answers:

I live on the 7th floor of a building in Forest Hills. If we were in a dangerous area, Mayor Bloomberg would have told us to evacuate. He didn’t. The biggest issue is losing electrical power and high winds. I would just stock up water, candles and food. Fill a bathtub with water, buy bottles of spring water and freeze some ice cubes. Freeze food as much as you can since it may defrost without power and you need it to last. Buy canned food. Go to the ATM and get cash in case the power gets turned off. Shut all windows and remove your AC (if you can). If you have a terrace remove anything that can be picked up by the wind. Put a bookcase or something against the windows so they won’t blow out. Etc.

John asks…

I am looking for infant day care in forest hills queens?

I have a 3 month old boy I am having big problems finding child care for him, I am looking local:
Towns: forest hills, rego park, kew gardens
Queens new york 11375

Administrator answers:

What you can do is look in the internet or in a telephone book. If you can’t find anything or have already tried, write back and I will look for you with the information you just gave.

Sandy asks…

How to go to Roosevelt Field Mall by LIRR from 71′s Forest Hills, Queens?

Please help! By Subway is also okay. But which one is faster? By LIRR or Subway?

Administrator answers:

Cheapest way will be by taking subway to Long Island Bus because Long Island Bus also accept MetroCard, since it’s part of MTA family.

Take Queens-bound (F) to 169th St-Hillside Av.
Then walk to Jamaica Bus Terminal/165th St Bus Terminal at Merrick Blvd/89th Av.

Take either N22 or N24 East to Roosevelt Field Mall.

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