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January 11, 2013

Charles asks…

How do I apply for apartments as a college student?

All the applications require income information and ask about past living areas, and I am unemployed college student currently living in the dorm. Do I just have my parents fill out the leasing application? They live on the other side of the country and will not be able to visit me at college so I won’t be able to provide their identification since they will not be able to turn in the forms in person. Do you know how this works? I am a college freshman so I am not sure how this apartment application and leasing process works. Thank you so for your help.

Administrator answers:

Yes, you get the parents to fill out the application and cosign the lease. The fact that the parents live elsewhere is of little concern as this is one of the reasons God invented the Fax machine. Still you need to make sure you understand all the details too as you are now an adult in the eyes of the law so feel free to ask the leasing agent to walk your through the entire process and each clause of the lease.

Betty asks…

How can i find what apartments are on a specific street?

I have a friend whom i know the address to, but i have no idea what the name of his apartment is. Can someone point me in the right direction of finding the name? I have ALL of the information, including actual address, city state and zip.

Administrator answers:

Becareful of spams and fraud on renting and leasing a place such this following email which irecieved from craigslist:

My name is Doctor …..,the owner of the one bedroom apartment.i
moved out of the apartment due to my transfer to London,United Kingdom
as Doctor in charge of the Optician Centre at the London Hospital.The
apartment still available and i will be able to rent it to you long
term if you promise to take care of the apartment though the keys and
document are with me here in United Kingdom due to the fact that i
have no one to take care of the apartment while am away and thats the
reason i put it out for renting.all utilities are there for your use
free of charge but i do not have anyone to take you around the
apartment except if you can go there and view the apartment from
outside but if you can agree to my terms and conditions that if you
can pay two months refundable security deposit,i will send the keys
and document to you.

Please fill the rental application form and get back to me:

1)Your Full Name:

2)Your Full Address & Phone Number:

3)How old are you?:

4)Are you married?:

5)How many people will be living in the house?:

6)Do you have a pet?:

7)Do you have a car?:


9)How many months contract?:

10)Your Picture and other pple thats going to live with you:

if this idea is OK to you…..Once you fill the form,I will direct you
how you are going
to pay the deposit and the keys and all documents will be send to you
thru courier.Though,I
need a trustful,understanding and law-abiding tenant who can show more
maturity in managing
the apartment and understand the fact that am far-away working as a

Best Regards,

David asks…

Where can I get free samples of leasing contracts, renting forms for a landlord?

I have started with the business of renting out apartments. I want to move to build small warehouses and rent them out in.
I need to know more about this business, free sample forms like: tenant background, contracts, eviction forms, inventory check lists, business plans and excel sheets for business control or cheap software for business control.
Any advise?
I am based in Africa, Mozambique but the basics are global, i guess with some minor legal changes…

Administrator answers:

Go to your local bookstore or library and read up on it! I guarantee you that the laws differ greatly and if you want to suceed, you will need lots more education and information.

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