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January 11, 2013

Daniel asks…

Where do I get a 60 day notice to vacate to give to my landlord?

I have to give a 60 day written notice prior to vacating my apartment in florida, and i cannot find any forms or anything. does anyone know what this notice is supposed to say, or where to find a template for one?

Administrator answers:

Here is a place that has a “sample” letter… Pretty straight forward, but you can copy n paste it, filling in the personal info as needed!


*it shows for a 30 day notice, so of course adjust this accordingly as well! :-)

Another place that has some sample letters

*for things such as: landlord does not give all of deposit back, and/or requsting itemization… Or to request repairs etc

Here is another site that has FREE forms:

and here is a copy and paste of the (very legal sounding) form letter.
The first one shown above is much more informal. Your choice as to how you wish to represent yourself! :)
Here is the copy and paste of the more formal sounding one!

[list name of tenant]
[list tenant's full address]
[list tenant's phone]

[date of letter]

[list name of landlord]
[list landlord's full address]

Dear [landlord's name],

You are hereby given notice that the undersigned is terminating the month to month tenancy of the premises located at [enter address or full legal description of property], under the lease dated [list date lease was signed], between [list name of landlord under lease] as landlord and the undersigned as tenant. This termination is to be effective on [list date tenant will vacate premises].

The undersigned will vacate and surrender possession of the premises to you on or before the above date, free of all occupants and personal possessions. Upon termination, kindly return the security deposit in the amount of $[e.g. 750.00] currently held by you.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Very truly yours,

[list name of tenant]

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