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January 10, 2013

Richard asks…

should i buy an apartment on the third floor with no elevator?

i looked at a condo on the top floor (third) with no elevator. there are about 12 flights of stairs( 4-5 steps each) in total if y ou include the basement where the gagrage is. the apartment is gorgeous and the view is amazing. the price is below market. BUT the stairs ….im healthy and ok with excercise but going up stairs with groceries can be tough. any suggestions?

Administrator answers:

Absolutely. I know it can be a pain (I live on the second floor now but lived on the 3rd floor before) but absolutely go for it. Not to mention it may not seem like much but just going up and down those stairs every day will really help keep you healthy. If everything is great about it go for it, at the very worse you have a fantastic place to live with a slightly inconvient carrying in groceries trip.

If there was a health reason I could see but if you are healthy then the walk shouldn’t hold you back.

Daniel asks…

Kelowna, British Columbia – best places to live with this criteria?

Hey there, I’m looking for the most beautiful warmest place to live in canada, and i heard that BC near okanagon valley has the warmest places.|
So, which areas of kelowna are :
not terribly expensive
near a beach
WARM weather with barely any cold (im from winnipeg so i know cold lol)
lots of good shopping
gorgeous apartments


Administrator answers:

Kelowna in expensive and has also been voted the douchebag capital of Canada. Kind of like Jersey Shore right here in Canada.

Laura asks…

How do I clean Pergo flooring?

I just moved into an apartment with gorgeous new laminate flooring, it’s a bit dirty from me and my friends walking all over it to move my things in. I understand I’m not supposed to get it wet, because of the nature of its construction, but sweeping alone isn’t getting it as clean as I’d like. How am I supposed to mop it? Thanks in advance :]

Administrator answers:

Damp mop. Do not get very wet then wipe with dry towel. You won’t hurt long as you don’t leave puddles of water for a prolonged amount of time the floor is designed so that spills and normal use can be damp mopped without causing damage.

Jenny asks…

What do you hate the most about your apartment/house?

That I live across the street from a fire house! But my apartment is absolutely gorgeous :)

Administrator answers:

That the electricity was wired by a numbskull. I swear, I can’t plug two things into one outlet without blowing a fuse.

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