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June 20, 2012

Thomas asks…

Does the twenty something gorgeous decorator like me more than the job?

I recently recently hired an accomplished twenty something interior decorator to create a furniture and color plan for my new apartment in New York. I had hired her originally to help prepare my home for sale before my move. We have enjoyed the professional and social interactions with each other during getting the home ready for sale. She asked a question on the apartment whether I would want her to fly up to New York to complete the job for me in person. I had never considered getting her to NYC, but just paying her to give me a plan remotely. It struck me oddly that a gorgeous 20 something would have the slightest interest in a 40 something — albeit a handsome, successful 40 something. So, am I being a dumb guy and reading too much into her question? I actually think she is a fabulous girl, but I have never been one for the younger woman less than 10 years my junior. All of you 20 something girls out there, I would enjoy your insights. I am not the dirty old man type, but I do enjoy her company. Thoughts?

Administrator answers:

Alot of younger women are attracted to sophisticated, intelligent, experienced older men. I am 34, and although my fiance’ is 27, I have been blatantly ‘hit on’ by women 7 – 10 years her junior at my school. And not just hit on, but asked out, then shunned because I did not go.
So I say, yeah, she is definitely hitting on you. Depending on how much you trust her, whether you want to get involved with a younger woman, or what your personal tastes are, be tentative, at least. The temptation is great.

Lizzie asks…

Am I doing my child a dis service by moving to New York?

A very nice suburb mind you. Of Brooklyn.
My daughter was born there.

I moved back to my small town when she was 4. due to a serious illness. I beat it, and am ready to return to work again in NY where my job is based.
Yes. she has made friends here.

But I am moving back for my job. the commute 2 days a week is killing me !!!! AND… I am missing out on more opportunities not being based there.

No. we will not (starting out) have the space we have now.
But the school is excellent, and she is really on board with the move.

She still has a lot of friends there. and looking forward to making new ones.
I have made it an adventure for her !!!!!

My daughter loves all of the NY culture . she loves that there is sooo much to do. the museums; zoos; broadway shows; street fairs ….etc.

there is NOTHING.. I mean NOTHING to do here. she is not stimulated at all.

my daughter will be 12 soon. and a 6th grader.

so why am I getting SOOOOO much flack for “uprooting her”, if she is okay with it?

I love my child more than anything or anyone. And if I thought for one moment she would suffer with this move, I would not proceed.
Honestly. I believe she will grow. AND… it will be much better for her than remaining here. This town is terribly homophobic, racist, and not progressive. I believe living in a larger city, being the artist she is, she will be able to realize her full potential.

We are so happy when we lived in Brooklyn years ago. Our apartment was awesome!!!! and gorgeous !!!! WE CANNOT WAIT TO RETURN.

All that said. Parent to parent…
Am I doing her wrong by leaving this small town, and
returning to NY given she is 11 years old ? most flack is becasue she has been with the same kids since kindergarten. But my kid says “”well I will e-mail, and call!”

why don’t some people get it ???????
@ Gerbera Chic
Hi ! I have shown my child the negative side of NY as well. It would be unfair not to~ don’t you agree? I felt it was fair to expose her to the not only the good but the bad as well. So she has a healthy balance of choice. But why scare a child if there is no need. Her life will be good. And we have MORE of a SECURE family network in NY, than where we reside now. And my job is great. I will get to see her off to school in the morning, and I will be home each and every day she returns home. In the summer. I travel with my job. I planned it around my daughter’s school schedule. She is always in eye distance away while I am working. Playing with the other children with parents who have the same job. SHE LOVES IT!! I have had more opportunities than most, to spend time with her. Be there for her, and travel with her. She has never known one night without me, except for sleep overs. But I do thank you for your response. It’s all the stuff I should be thinking of.

Administrator answers:

Anyone giving you crap is crazy. It seems like nobody stays in one place for the first 18 years of their life. My family moved when I was 8 and I thought it was the end of the world. It wasn’t. I couldn’t imagine what my life would have been like if I had stayed there. If your daughter is eager and excited to move, then there isn’t a problem at all. If you’re living in a small town they just don’t get the appeal of a bigger city. You aren’t doing her wrong.

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