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February 7, 2013

Daniel asks…

i had an affair and didnt know he was married?

He is the most amazing person I have ever met in my life I love him so much I just can not get over the fact that someone I consider to be my ace up my sleeve was married. How can I be so blind so foolish to actually believe a person that perfect that intelligent with that much status and that body those perfect bleachy white teeth [and yeah I know bleachy isn’t a word] gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous all around. Inside and out this man is genuinely beautiful. I just knew we would somehow end up together. I hate to rant and ramble but this is helping release my frustration, so sorry this is very real and this my be the verything that keeps me outta an institution. Well I met him when I was 17 and he was 28, no real chemistry, obviously. I hated him he annoyed me, he talked to much and was a know-it all and a show off. He is one of my dad apprentices and it seemed the more I showed pure hate and contempt for him the more my dad had him around. Go figure, he stayed in our house and everything. It didn’t matter much then cause he annoyed me. But like anything he grew on me and when he would leave I would find myself missing him and when he would return I would make sure to stick around and catch up on all things! Politics our favorite conversation piece, religion of every kind, wordly issuses, I mean it was really refreshing to converse with someone that has similar points of view or is able to express opposite points of view without getting into a no spin zone type bill o’reily conversation. Case in point the man “was” perfect. Until I found his flaw. So he’s back in town and he is staying over at my dads I was also at the time because my boyfriend had just put me out. So im 19 and he’s 30. So my friend and I ride over to my bf’s apartment and hook up. :[[ I get my stuff and I really don’t think anything of it. He is staying at my dad’s so we talk and hangout etc, etc. He leaves and I really miss him but whatever I move back in with my boyfriend and now he is calling all the time but I can never talk because im back at my bf’s which I tell him so when he comes intown I don’t see him or spend much time with plus im not single[not that it would matter for him] so I get pregnant and engaged, and my friend expresses nothing but pure hatred for my bf/fiancé. Every chance he gets to diss him etc he does it and it plays on my nerves so that we eventually end up falling out [sorta]. So now im 20yrs & My fiancé dies when I am 5 months pregnant from an amorism. My entire world is turned upside down I feel helpless and my friend is there. That’s all I can say, he supported me the way a brother would support his sister since we live in separate states I didn’t think to much of not being able to see him all the time, he called regularly and when he would come to town it was all laughs smiles etc :]] I move immediately after my fiancé dies to Chelsea Manhattan close to my sister for support and he came to see me ALL THE TIME and he called me all the time. After I have my daughter I move back in with my dad[because I ran outta money in NY and NC is cheaper] when she was 6 months old. About two months of living with my dad I announce to my him that I am in love with my friend and we’re getting very serious so I thought and my dad tells me he is married. i was devastated. Depressed and feeling betrayed, sexually frustrated but I refuse to have sex with him because he’s fucking married. he gets so upset and he takes his marriage so lightly its uncanny. He says he is going to explain the when and why but its been one month and he never did he is coming in town and 2 days I want him so bad, I just want to run away because its going to be impossible getting over him. First my fiancé now this maybe I should be alone!

Administrator answers:

There is nothing he can say, no explanation he can give you to justify the two of you having an intimate encounter. Like you said, he’s married. And I’m sorry you depended on him so much emotionally. He should have told you his status. He’s not perfect. No one on this earth is.

Don’t overlook your blessings. You’re still young with a whole lot of life and love to give. You have a daughter and the memory of a man who loved you. You have a supportive father and family. Live your life, focus on the positive, care about others, take good care of yourself and your daughter. Love will find you again. Open your heart and mind to God. He will always provide.

Lizzie asks…

What part of North Carolina should I move to?

I currently live in Upstate NY (in a very suburban area) and I plan on moving about April 2009. I have family that lives in Charlotte, and I’d like to live within 2-3 hours from them, but I want to live near (no more than 30 minutes away from) a beach. I want warm summers and springs, gorgeous falls, and mild snow in winter. I have a 16 year old daughter and she’s very artsy, so I’d like to live in an area where she could utilize that. I have another child on the way, so I’ll need a good school for the both of them, as well as a safe neighborhood. I’m a nurse, so I’ll need to live in an area with a major hospital. My parents will move with us, and I’ll need a duplex or a house with an in-law apartment for them. My dad enjoys golfing (perhaps he could join a country club?) and my mom would need to live within 10 minutes of retail stores. Animals are extremely important to me; I rescue them and I have a lot of my own. I’ll definitely need a good veterinary hospital (I currently live near one of the best that NY has) and a very animal-friendly community. I’d like to spend no more than $250,000 on a house, but I’m not sure what I could get for that. I’m not aware if these things are unrealistic, but I would appreciate some advice!

Administrator answers:

Charlotte is about 3 hours west from where I am (Raleigh), but Raleigh is a good few hours at least to the beach. NC is very spread out, it can take you 7 hours to drive across the entire length of the state. This was weird for me, coming from NY also, because up there you can drive 2 hours and be in another state lol. The Raleigh area will provide everything you are looking for given your descriptions. I would avoid Durham as parts aren’t as nice, Chapel Hill or Cary may also work, but Cary people have reputations for being jerks (and ex-Yankees with too much money) plus Cary has a bunch of weird restrictions on how you can decorate your lawn etc. Raleigh has every store you know and love from the northland, and more. LOTS of great colleges here, which means lots of good art programs. Anything more east of Raleigh is hickville, but if you don’t mind driving a bit to get places its ok. Raleigh itself is about 1 hour drive to get across the entire city, so everyone will need a car. $250k will get you a decently large sized house here, and a mansion if you go outside town. Lots of golfing and places with activities, great hospitals (Duke, Rex, and Wake Med). Lots of animal groups around too, its one of the more liberal areas in NC. I recommend ! Just be warned, the summers here are ridiculously unbearably hot! GL ! :)

David asks…

how are these ones from the master who taught me all about laughter thanks Jamie ?

A salesman in a strange city was feeling h**ny and wanted release. He inquired for the address of a good house of ill repute. He was told to go to 225 West 42nd St. By mistake, he went to 255 West 42nd St, the office of a podiatrist. Being met by a beautiful woman in a white uniform surprised but intrigued him. She directed him to an examining room and told him to uncover and someone would be with him soon.

He loved the thought of the table and the reclining chair and was really getting aro*sed because of the strange and different approach this house offered. Finally the doctor’s assistant, a really gorgeous redhead entered and found him sitting in the chair with his generous m*mber in his hand. “My goodness”, she exclaimed, “I was expecting to see a foot.” “Well,” he said, “if you’re going to complain about an inch then I’ll take my business elsewhere.”

A guy stops by to visit his friend. They talk for a while and then the friend asks, “My feet are cold. Would you be so kind as to go get me my sneakers please?” The guest obliges and goes upstairs. There he sees his friend’s daughters, both very good looking. Being the adventurous and quick thinking kind, he says: “Hi, ladies! Your daddy sent me here to have s*x with you!” They stare at him and say, “That can’t be!” He replies, “OK, let’s check!” He shouts at his friend down the stairs, “Both of them?” “Yes, both of them!”
Whats the point of f**king one

A guy starts talking to two women in a bar, they turn out to be Siamese twins, and they wind up back at his apartment. He makes l*ve to one, and then starts to work on the other. He realizes that the first one might get bored watching, so he asks her what she’d like to do. She says, “Is that a trombone in the corner? I’d love to play your trombone.” So she plays it while he scr**s her sister. A few weeks later, the girls are walking past the guy’s apartment building. One of the girls says, “Let’s stop up and see that guy.” The other girl says, “Gee…do you think he’d remember us?”

Administrator answers:

They were brilliant LOL.

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