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August 10, 2012

Jenny asks…

RENTERS: How much rent do you pay, how many bedrooms, and where do you live?

I know this is just going to depress me. I live in NY and everything is so damn expensive here. When I lived down south I lived in a huge gorgeous townhouse with a pool and exercise room for cheaper than I can get a crappy 2 bedroom apartment up here. Wahhhhh! :(

Administrator answers:

Huntington Beach, CA. SMALL 2 bdrm 2 bath apartment $1,700/mo.

Susan asks…

Religiously speaking, why is it so hard for a 40-year-old man to take a 20-year-old girl’s V-card?

This question is directed to Hugh Jackman. I want him MINE. Like ASAP and when I went camping outside his apartment in NY he didn’t even come out. Is he gay or something? I even had fake birth control patches on me to make him think that I’m using birth control, but in reality, I wanna have a baby with him, so you know…

Oh yes, and I’m back, stronger than ever and ready to get my gorgeous contacts back.
(((Audra))) I’ll do that. I like the sexybitch part and because of that you’ve just won a best answer, I swear …unless the jealous trolls report this question.

Administrator answers:

Bend over and give him a superb view of Uranus.

(((Princess))) welcome back sexybitch

Damn are people incapable of google?

Steven asks…

Why the hell do these girls always want a relationship?

I’m 22, I’m single, I live in NY & I have an awesome paying job. I’m enjoying my life being single right now, I’m not looking for a relationship at all. To make it short, I’m young, kinda rich, single & luvin it. So, I meet this chick at Club Avalon & we get along really good. Now she’s really gorgeous. She said she wanted to stay w/ me that night & of course I’m not going to refuse. We get to my apartment & we start making out…then I stop her & I told her that before anything else happens I’m gonna make it clear to her that I don’t want a relationship at all…I just wanna have fun. She says it’s perfectly cool…so we got it on. The next couple of days, her phonecalls were relentless(this has been going on for a week and a half now). I really didn’t think anything of it….then she came over 3 days ago & told me that she’s in love w/ me. I made it clear to her that I don’t want a relationship b4 nething happened. I told her I don’t want it & she cried….now I feel bad!!!!

Administrator answers:

Fuck it man … Party and get laid..

Mark asks…

can u be fat, and still be hott?

im 19y/o male, n im fat…i wander if i aint hot sometimes. actually i think im ugly. some of my friends think im hot tho. my mom says im gorgeous, n sometimes ppl be hittin on me(all not my type tho) i always make sure i walk outta my apartment fly as hell. i put a lil gel in my hair, usually wear my NY hat, i wear baggy clothes, but not too baggy. i always go 1, maybe 2 sizes up. i gotta pair of these sunglasses i always be wearin. i wear all the stylish clothes, n i make sure i match. i gotta line-up too. n i wear timberlands too. i also got this white hoody that got $ signs all ova it. n it got the $$$ bags too. i always make sure im clean, n i dunno if imma pretty boi, but i guess i might be close to that. im in between the average male and the pretty boi. also, i gotta mix of east Indian, Italian, n white. so, yea. i got brown hair, big oval green/blue eyes, big lips, n cream color skin. not pale, not tan…in between. im fat tho. is it possible to be large n still hott?

Administrator answers:

Absolutely! Look at Kevin James, the star in King of Queens. Speaking of Queens, how about Queen Latifah!

It is all about grooming, cleanliness, and dressing well. Look at King Henry the VIII! He was fat and dressed very well (LOL) That’s kind of cheating, he was also very powerful and very rich.

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