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June 20, 2012

Mark asks…

A gorgeous 3 bedroom holiday apartment in Central Paris?

I have trawled high and low looking for a 3 bedroom apartment in Central Paris! Does anyone have one, or know of someone or even a company that specialises in large apartments for holiday letting?
I am going with my partner, a friend and my Mum who hasn’t been overseas in about 30 years so I want to make this an extra special trip with an extra special apartment.
Thanks to all of you who respond, I look forward to reading your answers

Administrator answers:

You find a large range of Paris apartments from both owner or professionals here:

And another list here:


Chris asks…

My disturbed friend is imitating Paris Hilton. Should we do an ‘intervention’? (Warning, it’s a LONG story!) ?

My friend (in her early 20′s) has a Paris Hilton obsession. It started innocently 2 years ago. She looks a little like Paris to begin with. She started borrowing Paris‘ looks, outfits or hairdos once in a while. Now she is taking it WAY too far! She tries to look, act and talk like Paris and even changed her 3 dogs’ names to the same ones as Paris‘ dogs! She used to be a normal single gal living in her own apartment, now she thinks she is some socialite. Her house was ‘normal’ before now it’s all pink, rhinestones and froo-froo stuff everywhere!

She doesn’t get that the real Paris and the TV Paris are probably 2 different people! ‘The Simple Life’ is funny on TV but NOBODY really acts like that 24/7! Paris is playing a sort of ‘character’ you can tell. In real life, people who act this way are ANNOYING!

Our friend was always into her looks before but now it’s out of control! I would not say she was ‘shallow’ but she was always into makeup and clothing. She’s becoming the phony bimbo we used to joke about years ago. I hate to sound judgemental here but she is getting kind of OLD to be sporting some of these looks. At this age, she looks more like a trashy high-schooler than a young woman! Her style is sort of a combo of Paris and Charpay from High School Musical! We were on her computer (she allowed us, no we weren’t snooping!) and we found 1000′s of photos of Paris and Charpay! Is this weird? Or are we making a big deal?

My friend is gorgeous and it’s not a jealousy thing here. I have no issues with my own appearance. She gets more attention now but often the ‘wrong’ kind! In our group, we have a more ‘mature’ subtle style and she looks like Paris/Barbie all the time with pink and too much makeup and bleached hair! It’s SO painfully obvious who she is trying to look like and it’s a little embarassing at times! From far away she has even been mistaken for Paris. Again this was funny until her behavior changed drastically.

Truthfully, I could care less how she looks, it just seems to be changing her for the worst! She now talks like a ditz and comments on other people’s appearance, including mine and those of our other friends. They are getting fed up and so am I. She tries to act like some rich, spoiled daddy’s girl when she’s not! It’s like she has this altar ego and she is starting to beleive her own lies!

I have (and other people!) tried to nicely suggest that she drop the Faux-Paris thing but she remains convinced that anyone who doesn’t like it is jealous. We were really good friends before and I HATE to see my (former?) good friend swallowed up by the wannabe ‘Paris‘ Seriously, I think even Paris Hilton herself would want to smack my friend! We used to tease her like “Hi Paris” and she took it as a compliment but it got old quickly. Now we try to ignore and discourage it but the more we do so the more ‘Paris‘ she becomes!

So, is it time for a “De-Parising Intervetion”? Some of my friends and I were going to get together and nicely say “We like the REAL you! Please can we have our friend back?” in a non-insulting way. We really care about her. We seriously think this is having a negitive affect on her. Should we tell her? Should we ignore it and hope the phase passes? Should we avoid her and say nothing?

I worry about her well being. This doesn’t seem healthy! She is spending a lot of money and this ‘image’ of hers is consuming her more and more! Could she have serious mental problems? Is there a mental disorder where people ‘become’ someone else? If so, what is the cause? Is there a cure? Could it just be that she is wanting attention? What would be signs of something serious? Does anyone know people who went through a phase like this? Or could our friend be in real danger? I know she DID have some depression problems as a teen. Could this be part of it? How do we talk to her without hurting her feelings or making her angry?

PLEASE HELP US! The real Paris may be a nice person but our friend’s obsession with Paris is making her a mean person! If you are a professional or you have dealt with something similar please give us some advice! I know this is a long, crazy (I assure you it’s a lot crazier in person!) question but any help would be appriciated!

Administrator answers:

I suggest you tell her she needs therapy! If it’s gotten this bad, it’s likely she has other mental problems too. This sounds like more of a symptom than a problem in and of itself. Lots of people like or even love a celebrity. This is going way beyond that it sounds! Best of luck to you and your friends. All of you should encourage her to get help soon, or at least to be honest about the reasons why she is doing this!

Donna asks…

What do I do about this situation with a guy I lost my virginity to, and now won’t contact me at all?

I was recently in Paris, France visiting a friend that I met in 5th grade through an exchange program. While I was there, I saw many other people I remembered from the exchange; this includes a guy I had met that really liked me before hand ever since he saw me. Back then, we talked even after I left France for about a year, then we lost contact.

This year, I reconnected with a friend who knew I would be going to Paris with my class, and wanted me to stay an extra few weeks with just her. I was *so* excited and told my parents about the opportunity. They let me go, and soon I was in Paris. I saw the same guy, and one day after my friend and I spent the night at his apartment, she had me stay with him for the whole day because she had to go see a friend who couldn’t have more than one person come over.

I stayed with him for the whole day, we were just like a couple, and when we cleaned up food he cooked me, we got really flirty and he kissed me. That night he asked me out for the short time I was there. I said yes, and the next day we had a date. For that time, we just made casual conversation and we made out on his couch before he walked me back to my friend’s apartment.

The next day however, we were not so reserved. . .we were talking about our ex’s and he said that he went out with his last girlfriend just for the sex, but never actually had sex with her because they never had time. This of course led to us making out on his couch, followed by him asking if I wanted to go to the bedroom. We made our way making out the whole way, and soon we were having sex. Afterwards he told me that he was so glad that he did it with me and that now he could say he did it with an American.

I am pretty young, and I was somehow unfazed by this! We continued to have sex for 2 more days before he had to unexpectedly leave for the south of France. I was crushed, but the last time we were together, he grabbed me right in front of this gorgeous place in Paris, kissed me, and as he was about to leave, he said, ‘je t’aime,’ meaning ‘I love you,’ it was so romantic and I stumbled for words. We texted after that until my departure. The day I left, I sent him a text saying that I loved him and that I couldn’t wait to talk to him when I got back to the states because my cell phone would no longer work.

When I arrived back here however, the first time I tried talking to him, he didn’t answer. I thought this was just him not being at his computer and so I shook it off. However, when this behavior continued for the next 3 times I messaged him, I got the message. It was crushing to me to now realize that he might have used me just for the sex too. This is despite the fact that I knew he liked me, and that he was so romantic with me.

At this point, I don’t know what to do and I feel lost and used. Do you guys think he used me? If so, what should I do, because every time I have a friend ask me about him and if we are together, or if I still love him and can date another guy, I feel crushed. HELP!
it’s not like I want love or anything either, because for me at least, I am not a girl that believes in love, thinks that sex is for that one guy that you are truly in love with, and I realized pretty quick that for myself at least, it was nothing special that I felt should be shared with someone special. For me I really didn’t care, and it was just like, ok, sure. But my only problem is thinking that he used me from the very beginning and didn’t want anything more than that. I am fine with that, but I just feel like if that is really all he is after, he should have told me what he wanted from the begining cause I am not a girl that believes in all this girly girl romance and love crap.

Administrator answers:

I am so sorry, but this sneaky French bastard totally used you. Forget him.

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