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October 16, 2012

Sandy asks…

Are there any 3bd homes 4 rent in clermont ct. ohio that are willing to accept section 8?

I am a 25 year old college student, single parent of a 5 year old, and legal gaurdian for two cousins, ages 12, 13. I am searching for a house to rent with my section 8 vouchers in the clermont county area. I am looking to move ASAP.

Administrator answers:

Maybe you can find some info on this sie…..good luck! Since you already have a voucher they may can give you a listing of availiable homes.

George asks…

Is Detroit a good area to rent to Section 8 tenants?

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone could let me know if Detroit, Michigan is a good place for a Landlord to buy a home and rent to Section 8 tenants? I am looking into investing in Section 8 but i would like to know more details about Detroit.

1) Is there a long waiting list for housing in Detroit, Michigan? Is there an urgency for Section 8 homes for tenants in this area?
2) Is there a high crime rate?
3) Or are there other areas in Detroit which require urgent Section 8 housing assistance?
4) Which cities/states are the best in America for Landlords to see an investment return (urgency for Section 8 homes)?

Administrator answers:

Detroit is one of the highest crime rates in the nation.

There is a VERY high vacancy rate there, more then half of the houses are vacant. You will have a hard time find a tenant with a voucher who is not already housed. You will be competing on housing quality as well, as that voucher holder will literally have thousands of available rentals to choose from.

There is no place that has an urgency for section 8 homes, available homes is not the problem. The problem is available money to pay for more units.

Mark asks…

Does anyone have any homes for rent that are section 8 approve in the south suburbs of Chicago?

I am in serious need of a 3 bedroom house in the south suburban Chicago, Illinois area. I currently have a 3 bedroom section 8 voucher, and it has become very difficult to find a suitable place to stay. I have 4 children, 2, 5, 9, and 12. Can anyone out there help us out? I only have until the end of June to move out of my current place. It has gone into full abatement, (foreclosure), and I have no choice but to move. Thank you. Ms. Chambers 1-773-480-1306

Administrator answers:

Here are a few in Craigslist. The ones with ***’s all look like some sort of scam, but there are several that appear normal.


Chris asks…

What is the best way to go about buying a cheap home to rent for section 8?

I live in the greater Cincinnati area, which means Northern KY and Greater Cincinnati. I am looking to buy a home to rent for section 8, i am looking to buy for around 10K. Any insight and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Regarding the best way to find these homes, and how to estimate how much they would rent for. Thanks so much in advance!
@ Landlord, well I was planning on putting in some work to it, around the Cincinnati area there are a lot of those type houses, and while they do require repair I am prepared for that. Do you know where the criteria is for section 8 housing? Or where it is best to go to find these types of homes? Like the courthouse or a bank?

Administrator answers:

I doubt anything that cheap is going to pass a HUD inspection.

The housing authority will tell you how much you can rent it for, you can not charge more then they allow if you want them to pay the rent.

Robert asks…

im a home owner and want rent it to section 8?

i would like to find the rules and what it takes to rent to section 8 folks.also if theres any help making it meet the states guidlines if it fails. i hve it for rent and getting section folks calling.

Administrator answers:

Call the housing authority and ask for a check list. They will give it to you, they do not want to waste time inspecting if you fail.

Be aware that they determine how much rent you can charge, you can not charge any more then they tell you.

There is no “help” if you fail. Renting is a business, if you want to be a landlord you pay your own business expenses.

Ken asks…

Are there any homes in norfolk, va for rent that accepts section 8?

just got a voucher and having a hard time finding a 3 bdrm and the clock is ticking.anyone hava suggestions for listings or sometthing available

Administrator answers:

The HUD website has a page to search for subsidized apartments. Here’s the page for Virginia –,%20Virginia

David asks…

Can a landlord evict a section 8 tenant and still collect the rent from the state?

My neighbor has lived in his rented home that section 8 has paid for for 14 years, with a good rep-or with the landlord, the house is old and needs allot of repairs , the city has been verbally harassing the landlord about the properties repair issues, so the landlord is evicting the tenant to keep the city off his back, so my question is Can a landlord continue to collect from the state the rental monies while refusing to take tenants portion of the rent, and evict the tenant at the same time.

Administrator answers:

No. He has to go through the lease period, section8 requires 12 month leases. At the end of the period he issues his 30 day and the tenant moves out at that time.

If he evicts the tenant the tenant will loose section 8. However, the landlord also has a contract with the county to provide the housing to the tenant, the county will not allow him to evict the tenant withough just cause.

Paul asks…

I rent a home under section 8. is tenant obligated to fix property damage not knowing what caused the damage?

In Ohio, I have lived in this home for almost two years. I try my best to pay to get things repaired if it has been accidently broken and have kept my word. HOwever, an air conditioner out side was climed on by my kids which I did not see however landlord stated she saw my kids climb on it. and ruined the fins. HOwever, last July, landlord ame to check and see if I cleaned yard due to citation by the city and was told I did good job but air conditioner was off the concrete and I had no idea how that happened and caused a hold in the air conditioner. A gentleman offered to mow my grass with riding mower, I did not see if he knocked off the air conditioner or not. Who is responsible to pay for the damages, the tenant or the landlord?
To Gochaseadonut,
I didn’t ask you to judge me as you don’t know my whole situation. So do not tell me what to examine or do. You are not in my shoes. Thank you.

Administrator answers:

I studed landlord tenant law’s and can tell you fast the land lord is responsible to fix everthing there are only 2 state’s they dont have tenant right’s that is Akansas and Alabama your landlord is in volation with state law’s they have to fix everthing and make your staying in that home safe and where you can live in it. There is place’s where you can report them if you cannot afford a lawyer find one ref- in your town pro-boneo. Good Luck.

Helen asks…

Does Section 8 housing destroy neighborhoods?

Stats show that when Section 8 (govn assisted housing) goes up in a neighborhood –> crime goes up, housing prices drop, school systems begin to fail. My neighborhood is a mess, half these houses are owned by out of town whites who buy houses in foreclosure then put them up for rent as Section 8 homes. No maintenance gets done to the houses, no lawncare, nothing, and the tenants take no pride in their homes so the entire neighborhood crumbles to ghetto status.

Administrator answers:

It depends on who moves there, if it is poor people trying to better themselves then the neighborhood won’t see any difference. But if it is just a bunch of lazy people selling drugs or living off welfare, then things can go bad. I know a neighborhood near my city where a bunch of section 8 homes were destroyed because the people living there weren’t contributing to the neighborhood or paying rent. Some were even selling drugs and committing all sorts of crimes, I think the problem is who these homes attract, maybe there should be more regulations and requirements to apply for government assisted housing so that good people who are in a whole can climb their way out of there.

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