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Your Questions About Homes For Rent Section 8 Accepted

November 15, 2012

Susan asks…

section 8 housing lists-pet friendly?

I am looking for a section 8 housing list of homes for rent. I need the home to be pet friendly since I have a very old very lg. great dane. is there anywhere to go to find this ? everything i have tried so far as come up nothing. also the lady over section 8 here in chester sc is telling me her lisis only have ppl who accept small dogs.

Administrator answers:

The lady is the one with the list. There isn’t some secret list. I doubt you will fins anyone willing to take a dog that big. You are going to have to rent privately and rent a very large house, the tax payers are not going to pay for this.

Sharon asks…

If someone is on Social security disability and they are in a rent home?

I am renting with my husband. When we leased it I was not on disibility. I am on disibility now. The wait for a voucher is 2 years plus. I am wondering if my landlord agrees to accept section 8 voucher would I have to wait on the waiting list

Administrator answers:

Your landlord agreeing to accept a voucher does not effect the number of vouchers available, nor your wait time for one.

Your landlord may agree to let you out of your lease given the circumstances, I certainly would.

Charles asks…

is there any 2 bedroom 1 plus bathoom houses for rent under 620 dollars a month in franklin county VA?

homes needs to accept section 8 and a cat

Administrator answers:

Check the Housing Authority in that county. Is your voucher for 2-bdrms? We dont know about rentals in some obscure place. The people who read YA live all over the world.

Richard asks…

Where is a good place to move to in Dallas, Texas with a section 8 voucher?

Cali, is too expensive. There no job opportunities for my children. The school systems sucks. Rent constantly going up. Good neighborhoods are getting more dangerous. Can anybody give me information about good cities, jobs, churches(baptist, non-denominational), schools, hospitals (daughter has a pacemaker). I am an AA and I don’t want to live in a neighborhood full of crime but a diverse neighborhood that you don’t to worry so much about breaking into your car, home etc., Also, if anyone has any links or personally experience of Dallas and information about Dallas Housing Authority that deals with Section 8. I love Cali but the opportunities are not here for me. Only serious people reply. Thank you so much.
Could you please post the cities that will accept Section 8 voucher and the Housing Authority locations.

Administrator answers:

East Dallas has both good & bad areas but prob better.Best Baptist Church is First Baptist Dallas in downtown(on tv Dr Jeffreys) Sect 8 is accepted in many places but usually a long wait,some emergency cases faster.upper Gaston Ave near Abrams or White Rock area is a better area,but rent may be some higher but not always.Swiss Ave is upper class but most is high.All cities are getting worse,but this is prob better than Cal. Outside of Dallas in Mesquite or Denton or Allen is much safer,but rent may be more.Pays to check ahead.Parkland Hospital is known as best in state with famous research hosp next & they work together.If qualify parkland has a pgm to cover much of what ins does not,for some free.

David asks…

I am looking for rental properties that accept section 8 in Wake County North Carolina.?

I am searching for anything with a 2-3 bedroom & 1-2 baths in Wake County with a rent max of $686.00. I would prefer a home but any housing information would be great. I have tried the Raleigh Housing authority & Hud. If anyone has any additional information…PLEASE HELP!!
I have worked with my caseworker & obtained good information, but the rental properties are either unavailable at this time or in a not so great neighborhood. Is anyone familiar with private owners that would be willing to try section 8. I understand there is a stereotype associated with this program, but I am looking for somewhere peaceful, low crime & affordable.

Administrator answers:

Your case worker will have a list. You can only take the # of bedrooms on your voucher. Baths does not matter.

Joseph asks…

Can i rent a home without a real income?

I am currently employed but have been given my lay off notice.

I am looking to move to a different location where i know I will be close to family to help me watch my son while i go back to school (just one class)

and while i am getting unemployment – will they accept this as income?

I have applied for section 8 but do not know if this will kick in soon.


Administrator answers:

No, it is only temporary, and not only does section 8 takes years, you will not qualify if you are not working.

Mandy asks…

What is a better way to word this Advertisement for the newspaper?? (Home for rent) ??? EZ Question, Thx!!?

I need to re-arrange these words:

“Please keep in mind that the owner will pay for:
water, sewer, and trash pick up and we do not charge for a credit check fee.”

THE FULL AD IS BELOW – U Dont have to read it either:
Well its actually a recording…people will see the description of the add, a phone number, and when they dial they will hear:

Hello and thank you for calling regarding our __ Bedroom __ Bath Home for rent located at ___________________ in _________ for $_____ a month along with a $_____ deposit.

Please keep in mind that the owner will pay for:
water, sewer, and trash pick up and we do not charge for a credit check fee.

We apologize to inform you that at this time we are no longer able to accept section 8 or any other kind of government assistance.

For an application and a tour, please feel free to stop by during our Open House which will be held Saturday and Sunday
between the hours of: 12 Noon & 6 PM.

We are located near ____________________________________.

For Easy Directions take:

The home will have a For Rent Sign in the yard and will be open for you to walk through. Once again the address is __________

Come by Saturday & Sunday, take a tour, pick up an application, and we’ll see you soon! Thank you for calling, & have a great day.

Administrator answers:

The owner will pay for water, sewer charges and trash pick up. Additionally, there is no charge for a credit check fee.”

Also, in this sentence -

We apologize to inform you that at this time we are no longer able to accept section 8 or any other kind of government assistance.

Change this to We regret to inform you ( we apologize is grammatically incorrect).

Donna asks…

Whats the best site to find a home for rent? Im looking in Massachusetts, south of boston – 3br – 1500?

I also have section 8 housing so id hope that they would accept that aswell.. ive looked around everywhere and cant find a decent site or any in the newspaper with good rentals in my area. If you have the ability to fins specific listings those would help too! :) thanks so much

Administrator answers:

Sandra asks…

Where would I need to look to find a home for rent in Raytown, Missouri?

I’m looking to find a home or even a duplex in Raytown or Kansas City, MO that is in a reasonable area. That would be willing to accept section 8. I’m a full time student and I have not located anything in the newspaper. All of the agencies that help to locate these properties are charging a amount that I can’t afford at this time. I’m looking for a 2 -3 bedroom home that is in a safe neighborhood, that is well kept. I’m looking to move as soon as possible. Please help!!!!

Administrator answers:

I found my Kansas City apartment on Also if you find it through Rent they send you a $100 gift card. Which is always nice. There are several nice apartments that we looked into. Check into Ridge at Chestnut (it used to be called Chestnut Hills). They are really nice and newly painted. Im not sure what your price range is so its kind of hard to recommend some. Good luck in your search.

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