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Your Questions About Homes For Rent Section 8 Approved

September 19, 2012

Michael asks…

i live in philly and am looking for a 3 bedroom home to rent that is section eight approved asap?

i have 16 and 2 1/2 sons and expect a new arrival in late january. please direct me to rentals that are section 8 approved in my city and state. this search is very frustrating to me because my present lease is up in oct. we are living in the inner city and i would like a change for my growing family. i renting now, but when i get enough money saved i will buy or rent to own the property.
i would like a garage and a lawn if that is not too much to ask. iwant to marry my fiance but the house must come first. i need to change my surroundings for myself and my children. it’s time for us to hear birds and animals instead of gunshots and police sirens. HELP PLEASE!
i would like a garage and a lawn if that is not too much to ask. iwant to marry my fiance but the house must come first. i need to change my surroundings for myself and my children. it’s time for us to hear birds and animals instead of gunshots and police sirens. HELP PLEASE!

Administrator answers:


Lizzie asks…

How do I get my property approved for section 8/ HUD?

I have a 3 bedroom 1 1/2 bath house. I am looking to buy a second home sometime 2007 or 2008 and I want to keep my current house and rent it out. I was told that if I take section 8 I will be almost guaranteed to have a tenant and I won’t have to worry about people not paying rent because the govt. pays it anyway. I was worried about people not taking care of the property but I was told that section 8 will also pay any damages the tenants cause. How do I go about getting my house approved to take section 8? I sent HUD an email last week and they didn’t respond. Also is there a cap on the rent I can charge? I want to charge between $650 and $700 for rent.

Administrator answers:

You’ll have to check with your local housing authority, and they will help you along and let you know what you can do.
Section 8 DOES NOT pay for damages caused by the tenants, they are still the ones responsible for that.
The government will help them pay for the rent, but depending on what you charge they may not pay it all, only a portion based on the income that the prospective tenant makes.
I would suggest that you really look into this as there can be quite a few headaches that come along with renting with section 8..also with just being a landlord, but once you involve the government there are alot more laws that you need to know.

Steven asks…

if your section 8 housing is only willing to pay 700 can u go over?

if your section 8 housing is only willing to pay seven hundred dollars can you go over the limit by having someone live with you who pays the extra?
example: John wants to live in apartment A for 800 a month. his section 8 is only willing to pay a percentage of 700 dollars rent at any home he lives or they wont let John live there. can John’s friend Bill, who wants to live there also, pay the extra 100 dollars? will section 8 and the landlord approve this home for them?

Administrator answers:

Yes, you can have someone live with you. However, the portion of the rent that Section 8 will pay may be adjusted. In other words, of the original $700, lets say that Section 8 would be paying $600 and your portion was $100. With the extra person, their income will be considered, which could lower the amount Section 8 pays.

The $700 figure is the maximum Section 8 is willing to pay for a house in your area. The only way you can go over and pay extra is if the extra funds are going towards home ownership.

Daniel asks…

Will Section 8 approve a situation like this?

Right now I am part owner on my grandma’s house with her and there is no equity. Neither of us can afford to keep making the morgage payments. If she qualifies for Section 8 assistance would I be able to buy her out compeletly and let her rent the home with Section 8 assistance?

Administrator answers:

No. I have rented to Section 8 and the paperwork is extensive. There were specific questions about the relationship between the Lessee (your grandmother) and Lessor (you). If there is a relationship or she has or had a vested interest in the property, they will not issue the voucher.

Helen asks…

how do we put our home on section 8?

I live in my dads home and i am about to be approved for section 8 housing. I am wondering if my dad were to put this house on section 8 could I just continue to live here and they give my rent money to my dad to help pay the mortgage. He is on disability and cannot afford it much longer. How would he go about getting the home signed up for it? What is the process in North Carolina? Any help would be appreciated thanks :)

Administrator answers:

What you are asking is exactly the reason you are not allowed to rent from a family member. It is obvious you will defraud the Housing by claiming you pay rent and they will give your Dad money while you are not paying him anything. The state cannot afford to squander money like that.

That is fraud and when they discover what you are doing, the penalties are severe. You lose the voucher, have to repay any rent money, banned from government benefits, prosecuted for fraud and can serve prison time. It is a federal program.

You should be working and giving your salary to your Dad if he does not have much.

Ruth asks…

how to find a section 8/HUD house for rent?

I’m already approved for HUD/Section 8 whatever you want to call it
I’m trying to find a place to rent out NOT buy and thats all I’m finding is HUD homes to buy out right and I just want to rent to support my family while I try to find a job.. Any links would be helpful to help me find a place I live in Romney, WV if you know anything please help I’m not to good with computers so I have no Idea where to even start looking.
thanks in advance
I have called many different people and a lot of them aren’t doing it so I’m losing time I don’t have much longer to stay where I’m at and me and my kids are going to be on the streets SO PLEASE HELP.
people aren’t doing it cause there’s a lot to go through to get your home approved for HUD and no ones doing it that’s why I want sites to just look myself and every week when the paper comes out I’ll look and call around but in the mean time wtf can I do? so either help or don’t..

Administrator answers:

Did you ask your Housing Authority that issued the voucher if they have a list of Section 8-approved rentals? That is where you normally would start. If you find a rental and the landlord is willing to participate in Sec 8, he has to pass inspection and sign up for a year. You can try this website which is legitimate to find Sec 8 rentals.

Mary asks…

how does section 8 housing work?

My neighbor has been unsuccessful in attempts to rent out his home. Today he told me that he is trying to get the house approved for section 8 rental. What should I expect to see across the street? How does the process work?

Administrator answers:

Expect to see people that live off the government, having or feigning some disability that causes them not to be able to support themselves, bringing all their deadbeat friends along too.

I do not know any landlords that accept Section 8, the tenants are notoriously hard on property and it is not worth the hassle. Sure, judges can revoke Section 8 vouchers for system abusers, but it rarely happens, as judges know this is these people’s only source for housing.

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