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January 8, 2013

Joseph asks…

Do I qualify for Section 8 Housing Assistance?

I have been trying to find more information online about Section 8 / Housing Assistance Programs and what the income requirements are. I live in Macomb County, Michigan. I bring home $1609 for a family of three. My rent is $700, not including utilities. Where do I find out what the limits in my county are? Please help.

Administrator answers:

Call the Macomb County housing department. They would be able to assist you in regards to your question

Michael asks…

Section 8 HUD housing question?

hello, trying to help a friend look at potential rental homes under section 8 housing. she is a single mother of three, with an income of $600 a month. she already lives in public housing and is waiting for her name to come up on the housing choice voucher waiting list. the numbers are going up very quickly, so i am trying to help her get a head start on looking for somewhere to live. Based on her income and the fact that she has 3 kids, two boys and a girl, she is hoping to qualify for a 3 bedroom house. how much can she expect her voucher to amount to in the state of Arkansas?? say if the rent was 650 a month, and her voucher was for 600, then all she would be responsible for as far as rent would be 50$ a month. this is doable, but im not really sure what price ranges on rentals to be helping her find since we have no idea what the voucher amount might be. does anyone know the typical chart.. or however they figure out what amount a family is eligible for? it would be a HUGE help in scoping out possible places.


Administrator answers:

You are not permitted to pay rent amount that exceeds the allowed rent payment for your voucher. It is against Section 8 rules to make a deal with the landlord to pay the difference. You must find a rental that is less than the maximum allowed for that size place. She may get a 3-bdrm but she may only get a 2-bdrm. When she gets her voucher she will know. You could get a list of available housing that accepts Section 8 vouchers and see where these places are. As I said, the rent she pays must conform to Section 8 guidelines for the particular county. Whatever the rent, she only pays 1/3 of her income toward the cost minus a utility allowance and medical out of pocket allowance.

Sandra asks…

Is anyone willing to Rent to a section 8 voucher holder in Alexandria City, Va?

Okay, This is hard to the point where I am fustrated.
I am currently renting a two bdrm Apt. I have lived here for almost 6 years with an excellent rental history. I have been on a month to month for about 5 years and every since have been searching for a place to rent.
Okay, now when you are a holder of a voucher, it is guarenteed money, paid to the landlord on a monthly basis. Housing pay majority of the rent and I only pay a portion which is 30% of my income. Landlords, if you have a tenant who holds a section 8 voucher that is the best person you can have, you don’t have to chase anyone down for cash or worry about a check bouncing, this is goverment money. with that said, all tenants are not the same and I feel as though I am getting steriotyped. I see a listing for rent, I call to inquire about the property and the response I always get is, “I had section 8 tenants before andd they destroyed my property”..ugh!
Okay, i am not the tenant who destroyed your property and I understand how you must feel as a Landlord because you have to replace everything that has been damaged and granted things do not come cheap now days so I understand, but do not take it out on everyone eles. You have young adults such as myself whom is very responsible, very clean, and will take care of your property as if it was no tomorrow.
When you are on section 8, you have an inspector that comes annually to inspect the property to make sure you are keeping up on it, to make sure it is sanitary, so on and so forth. If you don’t pay your rent ontime you can loose your voucher. Ya’ll, I have three children and as hard as it is out here, trust you me, the last thing that I would wanna do is loose my voucher and be put out on the streets. It’s already in my nature, I had a very well upbringing so you better beleived your property will be well maintained and when you have a tenant with a motivation thats the best thing ever.
I consider my self to very polite, extremely respecful and I am a quiet person. My children are very well mannered. Like I said, I have been living at my current property for almost 6 years and I have never had 1 complaint.
The first time you hear section 8, African american, You think ( drugs, ghetto, loudness,etc…) and you are so wrong because I am none of thoes things, I do not do drugs and never have tried a drug, I am not ghetto, nor am I loud or rude, so why is it that I am having such a hard time finding a place to live with $1800 in my hand, why?
Someone, give me a chance, I can not speak for everyone eles, but I know myself. I will be an excellent tenant. Looking for a 3bdrm anything (apt., townhome, single family) within my budget that is located in the city of Alexandria, Va.
You do not have to be registered with housing in order to rent your house for section 8, they will set you up during the process. I am looking to move immediately. Occupants of the home are myself, husband and three young children. We are looking to rent anywhere from 2 to 8 years and maybe longer depending on our needs or yours. Is there anyone willing to help?

Administrator answers:

Go to and search by city.


Mandy asks…

Where do I go to apply for section 8 housing?

I have 2 small children and my boyfriend works a part time job. Im looking for employment but for now we had to move out of our home because we couldnt afford the rent. Im expecting again and we only have a few months to stay with the people we’re staying with right now. I’ve looked online but every site turns out to be a dead end so where can I go to apply for section 8? thank you in advance.

Administrator answers:

You won’t get section 8 assistance within a few months. Most waiting lists are years long.
Contact your local social services office.

Donna asks…

anyone looking for a single family section 8 housing in Chicago?

I have a single family home with an inlaw apt for rent in the englewood area of chicago {3 bedroom, 2 bath home }

rent { $1350 } anyone interested

Administrator answers:

Hey Moham, I’ve noticed that you have questions on commercial properties? Are you a landlord or do you provide services in the commercial sector? Can you email me at so we can discuss your position and what you’re looking for, esp. In the commercial property questions you posted.


Nancy asks…

Why didn’t the Republicans end Section 8 Housing when they ruled the government for two decades?

Section 8 housing is even worse for our country than welfare in general, because it encourages landlords to become slumlords and rent to tenants who have zero responsibility in keeping their homes decent. In fact, Section 8 landlords love bringing in lousy “rat people” tenants to drive out decent neighbors so they can steal more houses at cheap “panic” prices and suck up more of your tax dollars in rent.

These wide-sweeping negative effects on our society have long been known so why didn’t the Republicans get rid of this hideous abomination when they controlled Congress and then the entire government in the 90s and the 00s? Do they put the profits of landlords above the good of the average tax-paying citizen who is footing the bill for the utter destruction of their own neighborhoods?

We know that the Democrat do-gooders won’t do it, but even they (Bill Clinton) compromised and set limits on welfare in general. What is wrong with the Republicans?
No name: Maybe there’;s another alternative you haven’t proposed. Like most of the tenants could get jobs and pay their own rent? If they had to pay for any damage they did or lose their security deposits they might not be so quick to destroy the properties they are renting.

As for the truly needy, the government could subsidize their rent. No need to create special housing plans that invite loafers. America is overloaded with human leeches in case you haven’t noticed. People who think they are owed a living. Half of them sign up for whatever freebies the government is offering, knowing that the overworked or lazy government social workers will be hard-pressed to investigate whether they really need it. The other half start frivolous lawsuits. It’s a “gimme gimme” culture.
And as for the burden going to the warmer states, it would be fitting if they all went down South. The ancestors of the Southerners created this welfare society by importing all the slaves and reducing them to the level of beasts with their ill treatment.
Larry D — That doesn’t explain why Bush + Republican Congress couldn’t just end the program. They WERE the Federal gov’t.

Administrator answers:

I can feel the love.

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