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Your Questions About Homes For Rent Section 8

September 20, 2012

Donald asks…

How can I find homes for rent under section 8?

I’m looking for homes in the west columbia/cayce area. The section 8 is under Lexington County.

Administrator answers:

Check out for rentals & post your own ad to:

Post a free ad to Housing Wanted

George asks…

Where can I find a site that has Section 8 homes listed for rent?

Administrator answers:

Check out

Nancy asks…

does anyone know of any section 8 homes for rent in peoria arizona?

Administrator answers:

You can search my website. It has all kinds of homes on MLS

Michael asks…

how do i place my home for rent in section 8?

I have a condo in Nevada that I would like to rent out to some who is section 8 qualified. How do I place my home for rent through them?

Administrator answers:

You need to have the property inspected and approved for Section 8. Once that is done, put an ad in the papaer and they will come.

If you really want to see your property trashed and depreciate quickly, just put some Section 8 tenants in there.

Maria asks…

where can i find Section 8 West philly home for rent?

im looking for a section 8 home for rent in west philly what website can i go to or any number i can call??

Administrator answers:

If you get the Sunday paper, look at the classified. Most listings will say whether they accept Section 8 or not. If they don’t mention it, most likely, they don’t accept it, but you could call and ask the landlord.

Try craigs list

Laura asks…

Is it a good idea to rent my home to Section 8 low income program?

I just bought a house and I plan to rent it out for about 2 years. Is it a good or bad Idea to rent my house to Section 8 low Income program? I’m new to this and I don’t know if my home will be taken care of.

Administrator answers:

Do not count on the home being taken care of at all. Count on remodeling after 2 years.

Sandra asks…

does anyone know of any section 8 homes for rent…..IF SO EMAIL ME AND LET ME KNOW THE LISTINGS…..thanks !!

Administrator answers:


Housing Authority of Austin. (I presume you are talking Austin, TX) right?

Check local phonebook under “Government” local or State.

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