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July 16, 2012

Michael asks…

How is the house rent in canada specially for foreign workers?

is the house rent in canada expensive? im planning to work in canada as a working visa.

Administrator answers:

Depends on the part of the country you’re going to be living in. And it makes no difference that you’re a foreign worker.

Nancy asks…

How much would a million dollar house rent for?

If the purchase price is about 1 million, how much would one expect to rent it for?
Is there some kind of rule of thumb for house/apartment rentals?

Administrator answers:

It really depends on the housing prices in that housing market and if it’s reflective in how much it can rent for.

For example one of my clients rent a $800K (market value) assessed property for $2500/month. There’s people who rent $1 Million properties for $5000/month. It’s not an exact science nor is it always about the price of the home. You can buy crappy $1 Million homes in Vancouver, Canada and that home moved to a place like Portland, OR would be worth only $250K. So it all depends on the housing market you’re in and the location of the home, size, etc.

James asks…

I recently moved to India. How much should my house rent be as a percentage of my CTC or basic salary?

I have recently moved to Chennai. I am planning on renting initially, at least for the first year. I was wondering if there is a recommendation as to what should one’s house rent be, as a percentage of one’s salary (whether it is the basic salary or the CTC).

Administrator answers:

Around 30% of your basic salary

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