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Your Questions About House Rental Agreement

November 29, 2012

Lizzie asks…

Can the Rental Agreement for my house in Greater Noida be registered in Delhi?

Can the Rental Agreement for my house in Greater Noida be registered in Delhi, or it has to be done in Noida only?

Administrator answers:

Sorry chum, it should be and has to be done in Noida only or any where inGhaziabad. Certainly not in Delhi

William asks…

how can I break a house rental agreement in Denver Colorado?

Administrator answers:

Anyone can break a lease anywhere. You will just need to pay for doing so. Your lease should outline what it would cost. If your lease is silent on the issue…then you would need to continue to pay rent until a new tenant is found.

Michael asks…

What are the legal ways to break a house rental lease agreement?

Administrator answers:

By following the terms of the lease that allow you to break it.

Carol asks…

Do ALL the owners of a house have to sign a rental agreement?

If I’m a tenant renting a room in a house with two owners, do both owners of the house need to sign the rental agreement or will one be enough? Say one of them is away on vacation, will the signature of one owner be enough to make the agreement valid? So if the second owner comes back from vacation and wants to throw me out, it can only be done in accordance with the lease (giving proper notice, etc)? Thanks in advance.

Administrator answers:

A lease is a binding agreement. You need to have all parties sign it. They need to be present to sign.

Linda asks…

Signed a House Rental agreement yesterday in Hawaii, need to break it. Any guidance?

I just signed a rental agreement for a house in Hawaii, but today found out the house was not in the school boundaries we thought it was in (bad on us for not confirming it), now I want to get out of the house and find something else. Here are the details:

- I have signed the lease, but my wife hasn’t. We are both required to sign. Is the contract valid?
- The rental company says to break it we have to pay $550 and if they don’t rent it, we have to cover the rent for July. I am ok with the $550, but not the rent for july. Thoughts?
- We are scheduled to move in July 1.

Any thoughts would be useful.


Administrator answers:

Typically the signature of one spouse is enough to make the contract binding.

The Hawaii laws state the following:

Tenant Quits Before Occupancy – Section 70(e). If the tenant changes his or her mind about taking the unit before moving in, the tenant shall be liable to the landlord for the lesser of the following amounts:

A. All monies deposited with the landlord;

B. One month’s rent at the rate agreed upon in the rental agreement;

C. The daily rent for the period necessary to re-rent the dwelling, plus the difference between the rent agreed to in the rental agreement and the fair rental value, plus reasonable cost and commission.


So what he is asking for is most likely completely valid.

Mark asks…

Is it possible to have a split lease agreement between 25 people for a house rental?

I have a house for after prom that I would like to rent for 25 people but I don’t want my parents to be fully responsible for the whole house and every member in our group. Is it legal to split a lease agreement between 25 people which would hold every member’s parents responsible for their child’s well-being and the house. The landlord is fully aware of the amount of people and the occasion of the house rental. This house is the the hamptons area.

Administrator answers:

That would be entirely up to the landlord. If it were MY property, I’d be insisting on one person to be fully liable to me for the rent and all damages as well as a substantial damage deposit and adequate liability insurance coverage. Up front.

How your group chooses to share the liability amongst yourselves subordinate to my contract with that one individual is entirely up to you. There’s no way on the planet that I’d undertake an agreement with more than 2 people tops.

Chasing down one or two for payment is bad enough if everything goes pear-shaped but trying to assess liability amongst 25 people, with everyone pointing at someone else as the culprit, is something that no sane landlord would even consider.

Joseph asks…

If I signed a rental agreement for a house under my name, can someone with a different name send in a check?

I signed for a house for the weekend with some relatives and a couple of friends, however someone else is planning to write the check out. Is this not allowed, or with the owner have a problem with this?

Administrator answers:

We own 2 rental houses. It doesn’t matter whose name is on the check, as long as the check is good.
Think about it. If you were paying rent and say your parents wanted to give you the gift of a months rent, do you really think the landlord cares who writes it? No we don’t as long as it’s good you’re good. It’s no problem at all.

Maria asks…

i have sign a house rental agreement, but want to move out before contract ends.?

I have rented a one year contract, but I want to move out before the contract ends, do i still have to pay for the house? what will happen? please asap thanks
also i live in CA if that helps

Administrator answers:

The short answer is yes, since it is a contract. However, you can sublet it to another person for the remainder of your contract, or speak to the owner and take a loss by paying out a penalty fee.
If the rental unit is easily rented out to another person, the landlord can do you a favor by allowing you to break the contract and just forfeit the damage deposit or pay out a penalty per month left on the contract.
The best thing to do is ask your landlord. DId you fill out a standard contract? Bring it to him or her and negotiate a fair deal.

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