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Your Questions About House Rental Agreement

June 5, 2012

George asks…

How do i get out of my house rental agreement before it is due to end?

I am currently renting a house on a 6month lease. I share the houes with a “friend” and it is starting to become very inbarable to live with him. We have 2.5 months left on our lease and i want out. Anyone have any advise on how i can gget out of my tenancy agreement.

Administrator answers:

Seriously? Just die.
Other than that u and they have a contract that if you’s breach you’s will pay for it in triplicate or more. You got 2.5 months suck it up , find a mutual way around the stituation. Don’t go to 5 yr old mindset.
Give ur land lord proper notice of norenewal, keep the place clean and bills up todate. This will be over in 2.5 months , very short in real time.

Ken asks…

What should I look for on a house rental agreement?

We are looking at a house that the owner would either rent or sale. If she decides to rent it, what should I look for in the rental contract so she can’t sale it out form underneath me. Can a person do a lease to own on a house?

Administrator answers:

Yes, you can have a rental agreement with an option to buy. Determine with your landlord what percentage of your rent will be used towards the purchase of the home, and if the final cost of the home will decrease based on your tenure. Ensure that the landlord does not have a pre-existing lean on the home in which they may become default and you will be at the mercy of the bank or primary owner of the property.

You can ensure that the landlord does not sell the house from under you if you ask them to enter a clause that if you chose the option to “rent-to-own” then you will have the option for x amount of years, in which they can not sell the home unless you default. However, things happen, so consider a clause in which if they endure hardship and must sell the home, then you will receive the first offer at a percentage below the current market value and include the principal you have paid via percentage of rent thus far.

Take your time and, perhaps, consider paying about $100 to have a lawyer review the contract for your intentions and questions. It’s worth the comfort in the long run, and certainly minuscule compared to the price of a home.

Linda asks…

If you have a verbal house rental agreement, can the landlord exercise a landlord’s lien on my possessions?

My friends landlord went into his house, no written lease agreement, and took many of his possessions while he was in the hospital. He was late on rent but paid up when he was released. I know this is in a regular Texas Apartment Association lease that most apartments use in Texas, but can this be practiced by a homeowner with no written lease agreement?

Administrator answers:

Probably not but your friend should read the Texas statutes on landlord/tenant laws.

BTW, your friend does technically have a lease even though it’s not written. He is on a month-to-month agreement and the landlord only needs to give him 30 days written notice to move. By the same token, your friend only needs to give the landlord 30 days written notice that he is vacating.

Charles asks…

How can i get out of a house rental agreement?

Everything is going wrong with this house from the microwave blowing breakers to the water pipes sounding like there gonna explode when u flush the downstairs toilet

Administrator answers:

First off.. Is the microwave yours or theirs. If it is theirs then the breakers should not be blowing.. If it is yours then so is the problem, because a 1500 watt microwave WILL blow breakers on circuits that are set up for a couple of 100 watt light bulbs. If it is theirs and came with the unit complain and ask for a repair or a reduction in the rent.

Second.. The pipe noise is not a function of the habitability of the house…. Some pipes rattle and there is not much you can do about it once the house is built…(at least it WORKS).

Having said all that….

If you have a simple rental agreement you generally only need to give 30 days notice and that is that. If you have a LEASE, you need to demonstrate that some term of the contract is not being fulfilled by the Lessor. Generally, for you, that is a habitability or performance issue. So far neither of your issues meet that requirement unless the microwave is supplied as the cooking element of the kitchen.

Ruth asks…

Can you explain the Month to month house rental agreement in florida?

Is there a paticular form?
DO u know a website where i can get a free sample form
What are some of the detail i a month to month rent??
Any site u can refer for me to read about it?

Administrator answers:

You can look up

Lease Agreement Forms
Create a Lease Agreement for apartments, houses, rooms, suites.

Free Lease Agreement Form
Looking For free lease agreement form? Find information here.

Month to month means exactly what it says- typically you have a rental agreement for 6-12 months which is considered long term. Month to month is considered short term- meaning that the tenant can move out after 30 days with no notice…. Or the landlord can refuse to extend the lease to the next month – with no notice. Because the neither protects the Landlord or the tenant – most people sign a lease for 6-12 months….

Renting month to month is a set amount say you go in October 1 at 600 dollars a month- but November first the landlord finds out that property taxes have increased therefore rent for November should you decide to say will be 700 -and maybe he/she decides they need a bit more in december so now you have 775 if you decide to stay.

A long term lease protects you from increases in rent that a month to month does not.

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