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Your Questions About House Rental Websites

February 16, 2013

Betty asks…

What are good websites for finding a rental house in Moorpark, CA?

I’ve been trying to look up places in Moorpark, CA to rent a house- preferably by Moorpark High School specifiably. I can’t seem to find any websites that would help me find a house with a descent price that isn’t too small…any websites or specific places I should call? PLEASE HELP!

Administrator answers:

The only place to find rentals would be craigslist, property management companies, newspaper, pennysaver, talking with people, and driving around.

James asks…

House rental websites?

Looking for a house for rent in the boca raton area in south florida

no craiglist

Administrator answers:

Do a search for property management companies in your area. Otherwise check your local paper.

David asks…

Vacation House rental websites?

Hello I had a website I had saved and I got a new computer and forget the website. I was hoping someone could tell me the website again. It was a site I could look for any state in the USA and it was A1 something . com. Please if you can help that would be Great.
Thank you so so much. That was the site I was looking for.

Administrator answers:

I googled “A1″ and “Vacation Rentals” and came back with.


Google is your friend. Just type your thoughts and hit search…

Sandra asks…

Does anyone know any good rental housing websites?

We are looking for a home in warren MI, we currently have 5 of us in a 2 bedroom house for 800, I know there’s a lot better bigger homes for that price a month plus I’m expecting a new baby, so if anyone knows a good site 2 look on please let me know.

Administrator answers: is my personal favorite, and it is mapped out so you know exactly where it is before you click on it (running the cursor over the home gives you a brief overview! Also you can look at your local real estate agency’s webpages because most Realtor’s list local homes for rent for extra income.

Richard asks…

Does anyone know of places or websites that can ofer overnight boat rental or weekend house rental in HK?

Looking for a place to party for a friends birthday, either a boat rental overnight or to rent a house on Cheung Sha beach on Lantau. Any info please!

Administrator answers:

If you want to cut you holidays down by half or even more, you seriously have to take a look at this.”

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