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Your Questions About House Rentals In Myrtle Beach

June 5, 2012

Sandy asks…

what are some beach house rentals in myrtle beach south carolina for around 1,500 dollars?

some friends and i are trying to get a house for beach week and we are thinking of a house that sleeps up to 8 and near the beach and north Myrtle and price range of 1,500 dollars. if you know of anything or any websites it would be greatly appreciated. also please make it legit cause i don’t want anything sketchy

Administrator answers:

Go to under vacation housing wanted. The economy is still shaky in MB and there are plenty of places to rent.

Robert asks…

Where to find Myrtle Beach Rental Beach House that allows dogs?

Can anyone help me find a beach house to rent in Myrtle Beach that allows dogs? We don’t want a condo, we want a house, cabin, or cottage. It will just be the two of us and the dogs but we’ll take a bigger house if we have to as long as it allows dogs. Thanks in advance! Oh and we will be going in October if that matters.

Administrator answers:


Joseph asks…

I have a rental house at Myrtle Beach South Carolina and I would like to advertise it in Canada. How can I?

Are there facilities on the internet to so some marketing of a rental house in Myrtle Beach SC?

Administrator answers:

Put a gay rainbow on it and a maple leaf and ur good

Helen asks…

How do I find an reasonably priced rental house in Myrtle Beach?

Want to travel the week of July 15th.

Administrator answers:

You should check out Ocean Creek. It is really great.

Mary asks…

does anyone know of a place in Myrtle beach that will rent to 18 yr olds?

I am looking for beach house rental in Myrtle beach that will rent to 18 yr olds for a 2 night stay. Please help!

Administrator answers:

No_sorry but legally you need to be 21+ to rent a house, you need to get someone old enough to do it for you.

Hint*”MIGHT” and I stress that – might be able to find something on (vacation rental by owner)
some of those ppl might not have age limits because they are doing it themselves (not thru a middle man) or they just don’t check them.
Good luck

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