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September 27, 2012

Susan asks…

Most affordable beach house rentals during the off-season?

I’d like to rent a beach front cottage or house on either coast for a month or two sometime during October – January. Where is the best place to look for affordable rentals? Doesn’t have to be fancy, just in close proximity to the ocean.

Administrator answers:

Try looking for rentals in Lincoln City or Seaside/Cannon Beach, Oregon.

The beaches here in Oregon are public domain property, but many houses are on the beach front.


Robert asks…

How do I find a list of pool house rentals?

We are moving to Orlando. I think we’d rather rent someone’s pool house than an apartment because it would be more space and more private than an apartment. Less neighbors. How do I find a list of pool house rentals in Orlando Florida?

Administrator answers:

You can try sites like Craigslist and do a search, but BE CAREFUL. Meet with the people first at a public place and make sure that your the only one with the key to the place.

Otherwise, you can hire a realtor to find a place for you.

Good Luck :)

Thomas asks…

house rentals?

I read somewere that land lords can no longer ask for first, last and a security deposit.
that they can only ask for first months rent and a security deposit.
is this true or not.

Administrator answers:


Steven asks…

what are some sites that show house rental listings that are NOT vacation rentals?

What is a good website that lists just house or cottage home rentals, cheap? The only ones I found either seemed to be scam sites or just showing vacation rentals. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

There are many more but those ones have the most listings

Donald asks…

Luxury Vacation House Rentals that rent to adults under the age of 25?

Are there any luxury vacation house rentals on the east coast available to adults under the age of 25 that are actually nice beachfront houses? Like are there any available to us with like 6+ bedrooms and bathrooms? I’m tired of taking dives just because we’re under the age of 25.

Administrator answers:

You may be tired of taking dives because of your age, but landlords are tired of taking kids under 25 who want to trash their luxury home.

Now, this may not describe you and your friends, but, the majority of those under 25 renting homes for a vacation or spring break do not take care of the place like they should.

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