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November 16, 2012

Joseph asks…

anyone know any companies and their websites that aloow you to part buy, part rent houses?

Particuarly for cmpanies that deal with homes in bristol, and comapnies that allow you to mpick your own house to part buy and part rent rather than choose through a selection of houses they already own??

Administrator answers:

I’ve used these before part buy part rent

Maria asks…

Is it possible to find houses for rent on major real estate companies?

I live in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. My family is looking for houses for rent but I can’t seem to find the section of Sutton or ReMax’s websites that have houses for rent. If it is possible to find houses for rent on major real estate companies, please tell me what to do.

Administrator answers:

Not all real estate companies rent houses. Some only sell. Best to call and ask some local realtors if they have rentals. Some real estate companies have a separate rental division with a different phone number. Again, you probably need to call or look in the Sunday paper under rentals.

Michael asks…

Can anyone tell me how much houses rent for in brentwood,tn?

Administrator answers:

Total Housing Units:
Rented Units:
Non Rented Units:
Vacancy Rate:
Year Built
(Median Home):
Median Rent:
Median Income:
Median Homeowner Income:
Median Renter Income:

Sharon asks…

What is the best way to find houses for rent in san diego?

I am trying to find a house for rent in san diego but most of the websites I go to don’t have many options. I know there are tons of houses for rent in San Diego. How can I find them?

Administrator answers:


Lizzie asks…

How do I go about finding houses for rent?

Besides the newspaper, how do I go about finding houses for rent? I live in a small town so there is not a whole lot in the newspaper.

Administrator answers:

I presume every county in your state has real estate offices. Call one. Tell them what you seek.

Also, drive the streets in your area……read the signs on the front lawns.

Lastly, it MIGHT be better to do a lease-option to buy or land contract as you can get
the same property CHEAPER that way!!!

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