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December 8, 2012

Betty asks…

Need some Answers with Taxes and LandLord?

OK, So I’ve been living in my home for almost a year now, been paying rent, and what not, The house is well as I can say not that great, but I’m currently paying $675, not including anything

There were no problems, During the summer, till the fall started, when it started to get cold, and cold it got, here up North in WI, and this is when the problem started

The electric heaters don’t work properly, so even when you blast them the rooms never get warm, and if they did it was only around where they were at, Now I haven’t said anything to the landlord about it, but after about 2-3 months of it our utilities bill came to about $600+ and we couldn’t pay it all off anymore and were given a notice that if we didn’t pay the sum or contact the power company and figure out a plan to pay it off they would shut off our power, so which we did, and we have plan to pay off the bill, that was a month or so ago,

Now today I get a call from my land lord saying that because we didn’t pay all of it off he’s been “tax” on the sum… for something that he didn’t make to clear to me and is planning on coming here tomorrow to make me pay more for this “Tax” thing, I’m unsure of what he means by it or if he Is just making things up, I’ve done my research online… to try to find something about it but have not, now if someone could give me an answer, or have any clue what my land lord is saying or if he is again just making things up I would greatly appreciate it,

some more Info,
I live in Superior, WI, and the bill is under my name and account, we have made plans to pay it off with the power company, and are in the process of getting some assistants, I know taxes are in a different part of the branch of government, so does anyone have an idea?? and could give me a heads up, if I do have to pay the “extra” tax that he says he’s been tax extra on??
Ok so I looked into taxes a bit more, and it goes and says something like, No one can force you to pay their taxes on any form or shape, they can offer you to help them but to force someone to pay their taxes is ageist the law?? now am i correct on this or am i just reading the wrong things??

Administrator answers:

He is talking about a lien, your issues are effecting him, the power company filed a lien against the house.

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