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June 21, 2012

Robert asks…

Do they deliver mail to for rent houses?

Ya know, those houses that people used to live in. They move, and then the house goes up for rent. Does mail still get sent to that house? Or would the owner/land lord of the house have the mail directed to go somewhere else?

So like, if I were to mail a letter to that house, would it ever arrive?

Administrator answers:

It makes no difference to the post office. How would they know that a house is a rental or someone recently purchased it.

The person in the house would have to tell the postman if they are renting or buying.

Yes the postal service would deliver mail to a house that is rented.

If the former occupant want mail delivered to their new address after they move they have to give the mail man a change of address form provided by the postal services.

I hope this has been of some use to you, good luck.


Ken asks…

Any good sites to find and rent houses in birmingham?

Do you know of any sites that list houses to rent in birmingham looking for a house in handsworth.

if the accept housing benifit it would be better,if not it doesnt matter

Administrator answers: it.

Mary asks…

How can I find rent houses in the Katy area?

We would like to find a website to look ourselves or an agent who can find houses for us.

Administrator answers:

Whenever I have one for rent I post it on

Others are,

Sandy asks…

What do houses rent for in Lexington, Ky?

I have a three bedroom, 1 1/2 bath(with half bath in master bedroom), dining room, den and dining area in kitchen. Also have a 24 foot in-ground pool and patio area by the pool,with privacy fence in backyard.

Administrator answers:

Pick up a copy of the Sunday Herald-Leader. The home section is always on Sunday. This should give you an idea of what like size home are renting/selling for. You can also compare based on home location and amenities.

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