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July 22, 2012

Joseph asks…

How do I find out about houses for sale in a neighborhood I’m interested in?

I’m looking to purchase a house in a specific part of the neighborhood. I’ve walked by there several times and went to all the open houses I could find, but I didn’t find anything I’m interested in. Besides constantly walking though the neighborhood looking for open houses and for sale signs, how can I find out when a new house has become available in the area without having to hire anyone? I browse through newspapers occasionally but I rarely find any houses I’m interested in listed there. I’ve also tried the internet but I’m kind of at a loss as to which sites would be helpful in this matter. I would really appreciate some advice.
Please don’t suggest contacting a realtor – I’ve had 2 realtors working for me in the past 2 years and they have not helped me find anything I wasn’t capable of finding myself, so I’m interested in methods where I could be the one looking instead of having a realtor do it for me.

Administrator answers:

William asks…

Is there a website where one can greographically search for houses for sale in the US?

There’s one in Canada, Is there a similar one where all or most for sale houses are posted on one site?

Administrator answers:

lets you search MLS listings by zip code, city, state, and also gives you the option of searching areas that are next to the place you want to search…

Laura asks…

What are some good websites for houses for sale in Bridgview?

Looking for houses for rent in Lansing or houses for sale in Bridgview. Is there any good websites I can go to?

Administrator answers:

The website of the local newspaper is your best resource to find rental property. The real estate classified ads are always accessible. The ads often run longer online than they do in the actual printed edition.

Nancy asks…

What is the website that show you all the houses for sale?

There is a program online but I cant remember the name of it. It shows you an actual map, and then you choose your state, and then you choose a city, and it will show you all the HOUSES for sale in that neighborhood.

Administrator answers: will show you all of the houses that are listed by realtors. You may have to use another sight if you are looking for a house that is listed by a private party.

Sharon asks…

What is a really good website online to see houses for sale?

There was a website that I found once that lets you pick features you want in a house and where you are looking for a house and it will pull up a list of houses for sale. Some had virtual tours as well. Can anyone help?

Administrator answers: is my favorite. Search by city, zip, price range, bedrooms, hot tubs, basements etc. Pretty much any way you want. Just go to advanced search.
Yahoo real estate and aren’t too bad either.

Chris asks…

What are some websites of were can i look to find houses for sale in illinois?

When I type houses for sale in illinois i never find very good answers or websites to visit. I am looking for a house at the most

Administrator answers:

Yahoo real estate.

Susan asks…

Is it illigal to go into unlocked houses for sale?

I want to check out these houses for sale. They are unlocked and nobody around in the area. Not a number or company name on the sale sign or anything.

Administrator answers:

Yes, it is illegal. Trespassing, and you run the risk of being accused of other things.

You can tour them, but you need a licensed real estate agent with you.

Sandy asks…

Whats a good website to look at houses for sale?

Whats a good website to look at houses for sale?

Administrator answers: It’s addictive.
I have found that they have a lot more listings than the other real estate companies’ websites. Also, you can check out different builders websites as well.

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