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August 28, 2012

Carol asks…

Is it common practice for a real estate agent to send me a list of houses for sale via the web and then he is?

Is it common practice for a real estate agent to send me a list of houses for sale via the web and then he is not the actual realtor involved in selling the house?
Is this normal practice? Should I contact the realtor who is actually selling the house first for the seller?
How does it work and whom do I give the earnest money to, and if by check or should I just contact my mortgage lender first?

Administrator answers:

This is absolutely common practice. There is a listing agent and a buyer’s agent – once an agent lists a property, it is open for any agent to sell. The agent who is sending you the listings is trying to work with you as a buyer’s agent to help identify what you are looking for. They are your best bet. I can’t imagine why you would want to work with the agent who already has a relationship with the seller. Just make sure that the seller is paying all commissions on any property you find (this is typical). When it comes time to negotiate, do you think that agent would negotiate better on your behalf or someone who totally represents you? You don’t have to pay earnest money at all, but if it is totally customary in an area, you might want to. Ask your agent who customarily holds the earnest money. Usually it is the listing agent or the title company, but I have seen areas where the buyer’s agent can hold it. It is also not a bad idea to go to a lender for a pre-approval before you find a property so that you know how much you can afford and also because it give you better negotiation power by showing that you can get financing for the property.

Robert asks…

how long does it take for a houses sale price is post publicly?

my neighbors house sold recently passed papers may 31 2011, it sold within 5days im just curious

Administrator answers:

Generally posted in the newspaper sold real estate 7-30 days. Every area is different as is each county policy for printing real estate sales.

Or you could call the clerk of the court and ask them what the sale price was. Pubic record

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