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October 21, 2012

Susan asks…

is there a website to veiw all houses for sale?

I need a website to look at all the houses for sale that are sold by remax, century21, and so on. Thank you in advance.

Administrator answers:


Where are you looking I have a home for sale in Ohio

Thomas asks…

How many houses are for sale?

How many houses are for sale in the town or city you live in under the MLS listing?
There are 117 listed in the small New hampshire town I live in.
The average NH town has over 100 houses for sale.
Large cities have many more, like Manchester has 412. These are just the ones listed on the MLS website and do not include FSBOs.

Administrator answers:

You can refer to

it’s an internet mls listing service.

Joseph asks…

a. The sales representative informs you that there are 56 houses for sale with two floor plans still available?

The sales representative informs you that there are 56 houses for sale with two floor plans still available. Use x to represent floor plan one and y to represent floor plan two. Write an equation that illustrates the situation.

Administrator answers:


Chris asks…

What city in florida has cheapest houses for sale?

I want to relocate to Florida but know houses there are very expensive. I love gardening, especially tropical flower plants and tropical fruit trees. I can live in a small house but I need a very big lot to grow many tropical fruit trees. By the way, I want a location that has the least hurricane activities. Please help.

Administrator answers:

Okeefeenookee Swamp!

Daniel asks…

my real estate agent says no showing for short sale houses unless your offer is accepted.?

Is that true for other agents as well? Or just because my agent doesn’t want to waste time on showing short sale houses?

Administrator answers:

That is not true. People can still be shown the house even if its offered as a short sale. The offer (if any is made) is up to the lender not the current owner to approve or deny.

Michael asks…

Do you make an offer on foreclosed houses for sale?

We’re interested in a house which is in foreclosure that’s listed for sale by a real estate company. It has a listed sale price of $149,900. Is this the bottom line price the bank will accept? If not, what would be a reasonable offer, assuming one is able to make an offer?

Administrator answers:

Each home will have a bottom line price diffferent from any other home. The foreclosure process is expensive for the bank, and they will do a cost analysis in order to determine what is an acceptable offer. They do not want to hold on to any property, but they also won’t give the home away…

I’d be more than happy to help you determine a quality offer based on the particular home if you’d like.

Lizzie asks…

Where can I find legitimate foreclosed houses for sale?

I’m looking for legitimate websites to look at foreclosed houses listings. With the economy going the way it is, there are plenty, but I can’t find a site that doesn’t look like a scam.

Administrator answers:

Skip sites; call the banks directly!

If you are really ready to buy and
are qualified by a lender [skip the world
of flipping], then call a RE broker’s
office and see a BUYER’S agent!

Steven asks…

what is a good website to fine houses for sale?

I’m looking to by a house in northeast N.C.
basically on the border of VA still on the
coast but the houses I’m finding are really
expensive and we are looking at the most
150,000. Any websites that may help?

Administrator answers:

Local real estate agent websites will display all the available listings in the area. There are tons of north carolina agents on this directory:

good luck ;)

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