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June 7, 2013

Robert asks…

want to know houses for sale on brooklands drive in gedling nottingham?

there is a house for sales where they have just built some new houses it is on the corner.

Administrator answers:

Try rightmove

Thomas asks…

Anyone ever notice that there aren’t actually that many houses for sale?

I mean really for sale. A neighborhood may have 20 houses for sale, but 18 of them are priced for the 2006 market, either because the sellers aren’t motivated or because they need that price to get out of their mortgage. So really there’s not that much to choose from right now.

Maybe I should just rent.

Administrator answers:

This is a good thing, the market is adjusting, going back to normal inventory levels.

It is also normal for many sellers to have unrealistic ideas of their properties worth.

George asks…

Is there really any websites where you can find houses for sale by owners?

All the websites I look at that are suppose to be for homes for sale by owners are still for realtors …… Can someone help?

Administrator answers:


Laura asks…

What are some good home browsing websites to check for houses for sale?

Not just houses, but apartments, condos, etc. Thx! =D

Administrator answers:


Sandy asks…

As someone buying a home, how do you prefer to look for houses for sale?

Do you look on websites like or do you rely on an agent to show you houses based on your requirements or do you drive around looking at for sale signs in neighborhoods you’d like to live in? Or do you attend Open Houses only. I’m just curious.

Administrator answers:

I have done this several times. First of all I select an area of the city that I want to reside in. I check the crime rate by calling the local police. Once that has been completed and I have decided on an area to reside in, I check and see if I can afford this area.

If I can afford the area I then find out if there are or were built the number of bedrooms I require.

Since I might find a FSBO I then drive through this area to see if there are any house I might be interested in just looking from the outside.

I am so looking how racial diversified the area is. I am not interested in an area that has a collection of all one race. How the area is kept, are the lawns mowed and in good condition. How many children are in the nieigborhood.

Now I check and see if there are possible foreclosures in the area. If there are possible foreclosures in the area, I find them, make contact and see if there is a possible deal that can be struck. Like assuming an existing mortgage, with a low down payment or the seller taking back a mortgage note.

I also contact any FSBO to see if I can make any deal with them. I look for the same as a foreclosure to see if I can assume, with a low down payment or a seller carry second.

Before closing the transaction I normally select a Fri or Sat nite to sit in front or near the house to see if there is community noise or other undesirable things happening that would kep me from the purchase of the home.

Now most buyers don’t take the time to do this, but that is exactly why they wind up with places they later want to get rid of. The don’t check for possible deals with the foreclosures and FSBO.

They simply follow a real estate agent around that will not tell them the truth about a neighborhooh because the truth will cause the deal to fall through.

I did this once, the real estate agent told me that I was buying in a nice and good nieghborhood. Well I sat in the neighborhood on a Sat nite and they had a shoot out across the street from where I wanted to buy. When I presented the real estate agent with this new found information, all I got was it was safe before.

After checking the crime report from the city I found that there were 3 shooting in the last 2-3 months. Several drug related arrest within a 1-2 block area of the house.

I learned that most real estate agents don’t even work the area that they sell houses in and therefore are ignorant of the going on in the area in which you are buying..

So you have to take all the precautions necessary,because the real estate agent will tell you I don’t have to disclose the information and will point it out to you in some contract you might have to sign.

I very seldom look at the internet seeking to purchase a home because they might not simplify the area I am looking in to purchase.

I hope this has been of some use to you, good luck.


Carol asks…

what is the best website to find houses for sale and or in foreclosure for free?

I want to find a website that will show a lot of houses for sale and foreclosures in my area without having to pay some stupid fee. what are some good ones. Im using ziprealty now but it seems to not show a lot of houses available
Phoenix, AZ

Administrator answers:

Hard to find a central website for free as the information has to be compiled by a third party and that party is usually performing this service for profit, but has direct links to several of the major REO (foreclosed) property sites.

Good Luck

Chris asks…

What are some houses for sale in Charlottesville?

I am moving soon and I was wondering if there were any pics of some houses in Charlottesville. And could it be around the price range of maybe $400,000 to $525,000 please? Thanks ahead of time.


Administrator answers:

I’ll assume that you mean Charlottesville, VA

William asks…

what are some magazines or websites that post houses for sale or some apartments for rent in beverly hills?

looking to settle in beverly hills. any places that advertise houses for sale or apartments for rent in beverly hills would be apprecitated

Administrator answers:

It’s all done through craigslist, buddy.

Sandra asks…

How can I find information on house sale statistics?

I’m currently doing a project about the recession, and I want to compare the number of house sales of before and during the recession. However, I’m having a little trouble finding the information to compare, does anyone have any ideas where to look?

Administrator answers:

Try the website upmystreet – they have listings showing how much houses on particular streets have sold for in the past few years

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