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June 21, 2012

Mandy asks…

looking for web site for Kanawha County, West Virginia that gives information on the history of a houses sale?

I am trying to find a web site for theis county that gives public information on the previous sale and the current tax assesment values of homes in this county

Administrator answers:

The county assessor can help you. See the Kanawha County, W.V. Contact information:

Michael asks…

Anyone know any good sites to find for sale houses?

Mobile homes (NOT TRAILORS!), condos, and town houses are acceptable too.
I am helping my aunt find a place to live and have already searched on comfree, remax, royal lepage and a few other sites.

Administrator answers:

It all depends on where she is looking. Usually you can search for the area she is looking and you will get several options of sites. is another decent option, though it is not linked in real time to the MLS (updates only 1x a day).

Another option is to look for a Realtor to help her, usually the buyer’s agents commission is paid by the seller so your aunts interests as the buyer would be protected with a buyer’s agency agreement in place and it would cost her nothing on top of the purchase.

Some Realtors even have email listings set up, where you can enter your search criteria and then sit back and let their site work for you, it usually sends an update every am. My site sends it at 3am and is linked real time to my regions MLS and my clients love it, because they never miss something coming on the market that fits their criteria. You should also make sure she has been pre-approved with a reputable lender, so you know you are looking in the right price range.

And Mobile homes generally are trailers, so I am guessing you may have meant modular? It can be difficult to get a mortgage for trailers and/or mobile homes.

Best of luck to you!

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