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March 24, 2012

Thomas asks…

How do the HUD apartment program works. I am a full time student and work part time about 35 hr per week.?

I like to know do the apartment manager used 30 percent of your income if so do you have to earn 3 time 30 percent of your income but you have too since it based on your 30 percent of the income. Or do you have to make 3 time of the rent for every body. Help confused. I spoke with both the Hud officer and an apartment manager and they got me more confused. The apartment manager told me not to tell them that I am a full time student on my application.

Administrator answers:

If you getting 35 hours a week, you can’t file as part time employment.

George asks…

Can you sign more than 1 lease for an apartment if 1 of the apartments are HUD funded?

Administrator answers:

If you are asking if you can sign a lease for a HUD apartment and another one for a non hud apartment, no, you can not.

No offense, but why would you do this? Is it to move in with someone and rent out the other apartment? Or is it to live with someone and still have a “backup”?

Steven asks…

can i get into a hud approved apartment even though I have a small dog?

I am worried that I will have to rent a house instead of an apartment. Are there hud approved apartments that allow small pets?

Administrator answers:

Most places won’t let u have pets.. Some do (they do here) but there is usually a BIG deposit.. Here it’s $150.. I am moving soon and it will be $450 NON REFUNDABLE.. U will just have to ask the landlord..

Mark asks…

How old do you have to be to apply for a hud apartment?

How old do you have to be to apply for a hud apartment if you just recently had a baby or is about too with low income and is also a teen parent?

Administrator answers:

18, contact me if you need any help

Donald asks…

where can i find hud apartments for rent?

Administrator answers:

You have to apply with the housing authority, finding one would not give you the right to live in one.

Sandra asks…

how can i find out what apartments in jacksonville florida accept hud vouchers for section 8….?

i am lookin to find a 3bedroom + 2 bath apartment in jacksonville florida would like san marco or nearby area.. but has to be kid friendly environment.. with washer n dryer hook ups.. that accepts hud vouchers or section 8…

Administrator answers:

You need to go to the Jacksonville HUD office. They will have a list of properties that accept Section 8. After that, you will need to look at the properties. There is no difference in how you approach a Section 8 rental to a market rate rental. It’s just that the landlord has to agree to accept Section 8 tenants.

Hope this helps…

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Ruth asks…

names of some of the HUD apartments in Greensboro NC?

Administrator answers:

Just click on the link below. Put in “Greensboro” and hit “Next.” There ya go!

Paul asks…

affordable apartments jacksonville florida hud?

what do ya think?

Administrator answers:

Jacksonville florida is very busy place to live. Cars every place. You would have to go to a rental office to find out. Jacksonville reminds me of when I lived in new york, (bronx and brooklyn) very busy.

William asks…

HUD Apartments Questions??!!?

I was just wondering about some things about HUD. I know some younger girls that are my age that have it because they have children. I am a full time student and only have enough time to work part time. My parents are telling me it is time to get out. I was wondering if there is anything I can get or any assistance I can get from the government being a full time student. I am about to be homeless and I know for a fact I do not make enough money to support myself totally right now with rent bills food insurance etc. Do I have any options? I am a resident of KY. Any help would be greatly appreciated on this! =)

Administrator answers:

Probably not. You people with no kids do not typically get assistance unless they are disabled. Housing is primarily for families, elderly & disabled. You do not get it just because you do not work enough to support yourself.

It is your choice to go to school. The gov will not pay your housing if you are not working enough by choice. The gov will not support you while you go to school. While I applaud you for getting an education, the sad truth is that many people have to put that off in order to work enough to support themselves.

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