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March 31, 2012

Mandy asks…

How long can a HUD assisted apartment be kept empty?

I live in a HUD assisted building for senior/disabled. Usually, when an apartment is vacant it was re-rented within 4-6 weeks. Lately, it seems that it’s left open for months at s time. Is the owner still collecting the grant for an empty apartment?

Administrator answers:

There is no limit, repairs can take a long time. They do not receive any funding.

Mark asks…

I’m trying to help my friend find a HUD apartment?

I have tried to do an internet search but found it all irritating and confusing. I need one in the San Jose/Los Gatos area of CA. is there anywhere I can get a listing of HUD apartments in the area?

Administrator answers:

You will not find any at all in Los Gatos, LOL!!!

Your friend needs to ask her case worker for a list of apartments that she qualified for, she should have gotten it when she received her paperwork. There are a lot in San Jose, but she has to apply at teh right one, they are split by family/non family, disabled, 30, 50 and 60, whichever program she qualified for.

Joseph asks…

Is there any nice low income [ hud] apartments in las vegas or pls summerlin?

Yes, im a single perant of 4. I live in the ghetto [ugh] in some low income apartments. I hate it…..too many crackheads, shootings, gang banging and the kids [6yrs n up] r nasty. Already talkin bout sex drugs, banging and all the things i dont want my kids growin up around. I kno i kno wat the hell else do i expect for living in a low income place? But dam i kno theres got to be aome places in vegas were its not so bad n away from the bad. If it helps i stay in the north part of vegas nest to the jerrys nugget.

Administrator answers:

You can’t move until your lease is over.

Once it is talk to your case worker, ask them if they can recommend anything.

Keep in mind that when you want to pay low rent you are going to be living with low life people, you will NOT find middle class people living in these places. You need to be realistic, you will have to increase your income if you want to increase your standartd of living.

Sharon asks…

Do you think HUD, Section 8, or income based apartments are better?

I really don’t know the differences or requirements. Any help?

Administrator answers:

Section-8 is typically the best because you will get to choose your location. The others tend to be in bad neighborhoods; although, your city might be different – or – location might not matter to you. Section-8 is also the longest wait and the hardest program to get into. With government housing, you typically go on a waiting list (shorter than Section-8 usually though) and in my city at least, when your name comes up they will give you the address and tell you what you will pay. My city allows you to turn down one home, but if you don’t want the next one, then you have to reapply and wait again. I applied almost a decade ago and found that I could rent an apartment in a good neighborhood for $75/month then they were going to charge me for the worst neighborhood in town — the rent really wasn’t discounted at all. Section-8 can easily have a 5-7 year wait and many cities have closed the waiting list because the wait is longer than this. Section-8 allows you to find your own apartment (provided that the landlord is approved for section-8). Income-based apartments require that you fill out an application and there is typically a waiting list (although it may only be 1-2 years, or less). Your rent is based on your income and typically these are sliding-fee scales; however, some require that you simply make under “x” amount to qualify and you will be charged “x” amount of rent no matter what your income (just lower than typical market value rent). Again, the income-based apartments in my town are in the high-crime areas of town… So it’s a decision that you’ll have to make. For me, it was smarter to forgo cable and internet for a few years and use a prepaid cell phone… To be able to live in a nice apartment in a great neighborhood.

Laura asks…

What is the maximum yearly income amount allowed to receive a HUD apartment?

($20,000 or $40,000)? I cannot locate my paperwork at this time. Does anyone know?

Administrator answers:

It varies by city and is based on that cities median income, as well as the programs target group (there are 30%, 50% and 60% programs).

You will need to contact the Housing Authority in the city you live in.

Carol asks…

When looking at classified ads for apartments, many say “no HUD.” What does that mean?!?

Administrator answers:

HUD is short for Dept. Of Housing and Urban Development. They sponsor a plan called Section 8. Section 8 offers housing subsidies for lower income people. Some landlords will or will accept government subsidized clients in their units for whatever reasons. That is what that means.

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