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April 3, 2012

Daniel asks…

Apartments and Hud in San Marcos Texas?

Are there any apartments in San Marcos within walking distance no more then 0-5 miles radius, to the Gary Job Corps Center which is located at:

Gary Job Corps Center

Contact Info

2800 Airport, Highway 21
PO Box 967
San Marcos, TX 78667-0967
Tel: (512) 396-6652
Fax: (512) 396-6666

Its a bit confusing not sure which is the address but yeah thanks in advance for all the help.

Administrator answers:

That is not the zip code for San Marcos. It is 78666. Possibly that address you have is just where the Job Corp’s mail goes.

If you are looking for an apartment near the job corp. You should just get on line and look up San Marcos apartment hunters just like all cities they have free services that will find you an apartment. Tell them what you want and ta da they will tell you if they can get it.

San Marcos is a college town so yes you will definitely find an apartment within 5mi, maybe not but they do have a bus system. And a great school (Go BOBCATS!). Good luck

Richard asks…

Is there any housing/apartments available in Houston where rent is based on income or sliding scale? (not HUD)?

I am a new mother of twins and am looking for SAFE inexpensive home for my family.

Administrator answers:

Nope. There is no such thing as safe AND inexpensive. Remember, everyone else wants to live in a safe place to, therefore the increased demand allows those places to rent at MUCH higher. Why would a landlord rent to you for $1000 per month when someone else would be willing to rent the same place for $1500 per month? Do you think that the landlord would eat $6000 per year out of kindness?

Jenny asks…

I am looking for low income apartments through HUD or Volunteers of America in the bay area of CA?

Administrator answers:

The only actual low income complex in the bay ares is in Dublin, the waiting list is several years though.

You need to go to Social services for you county and apply for section 8. They give you a voucher, then it is up to you to find a landlord willing at accept the voucher.

Betty asks…

Low income apartments?(HUD)?

i’m 21 and live with my 1 year old son in low income apt. Also known as HUD. and i would like to know if, when u live in low income if u can add a family member that is not working to ur lease aggreement. my sister would like to move in with my she is not working she watches my son everyday while i work. and i need to know. she has already been staying in my home. i just dont want to get kicked out but i rather know if it is possible before asking and geting myself kicked out!. Please tell me what u think or if anyone is or has been in the same situation. Thanks a BuncheZ!

Administrator answers:

Don’t tell anyone she’s living there… Say she’s visiting for a while.

Sharon asks…

Do I have a HUD voucher and will I be able to transfer it if I move?

I rented an apartment last year where I got assistance from HUD. However I do not know what a HUD voucher is since I am now living in a place where I’m not getting any assistance. Do I automatically have one or do I need to apply and get an actual sheet of paper or something? Also I am from MN and hoping to move to FL in the next couple months. Will I be able to get HUD assistance in apartments down there if I did here?
Any information would be great! Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Michael asks…

Which apartments are better: HUD SECTION 8 Project-based or USDA Rural Development Project based subsidized?

Hi I needed to know which of the above apartments are better. Both have income limits and they’re very cheap apartments.


Administrator answers:

Well if you want to be near the ecomonic base and accessable for emergency services, and infreastructure IE transportation, retail stores, utilities~ I wouold opt for the section 8~ otherwise be prepared for wildlife~ snakes, dogs, who knows!

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