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March 25, 2012

Mandy asks…

IS there anyway to break a lease while on section 8 due to unaffordable utilities?

I’m currently receiving assistance through section 8 housing (HUD) in Ohio. I was living in a very large nice 2 bedroom duplex, but was forced to move when a smoker moved in next door and it was coming through the walls. (my daughter is allergic) Anyways, I found what I thought was a nice place. A smaller apartment that has 3 bedrooms. Before moving in, I asked the landlord if the utilities were affordable and he said he believed so but he never lived here so he wasn’t sure. I’ve been here for month and my gas bill is more than double what it was at the old (and bigger) house. I just got my electric bill today and it is also much more than the other place. I thought this would be cheaper as I’m not even paying for hot water. I don’t know what to do I have an infant and its freezing in here even when I turn the heat up. I imagine in the summer it will be horribly hot and I won’t be able to afford A/C. I had to sign a one year lease, and I have read it and it seems as though the only way to terminate it is for me to be a bad tenant (which I’m not) Does anyone know if there is a way I can break this lease and try to find something more affordable and still continue receiving my much needed section 8 rental assistance? Thanks so much for any help!

Administrator answers:

No, if you are evicted or break the lease you will loose the voucher or 10 years.

Call the power company. They can check that the heater is working right.

Also, there are assistance programs that they will administer for low income families.

Ruth asks…

I need to find housing I’m a single mother with a baby help?

I live in southwest ohio and I am a 19 year old single mom with a baby that is almost 4 months. My mothers house got foreclosed and that was where I was staying, so I moved into a hotel that my biological father was paying but then my friends mother said they had a spare room so I could move in with them. That’s all great I’m glad I have a place to stay but I want to find my own place. the only problem is I cannot find a job, I have been job hunting persistently for the past 3 weeks and still nothing, I even had interviews. It doesn’t help that I live in a small town and all the businesses are 15 miles away or more.

I need a place soon because I can’t stay at my friends moms long. I heard of HUD but not too sure what it all means. is there a way I can get an apartment for free until I can get a job? I hate having to live for free but I really just need a place for me and my daughter.

If there is anything I can do let me know! I looked into section 8 but there’s like a 6-24 month waiting period so I’m going to go ahead and apply but I need something soon! help??
I dont need the rude remarks about wearing a condom and I wanted a baby. He is still in the picture but he became abusive and I left him. I know i shouldnt be worry about this stuff at this age but im taking responsibility and taking care of my daughter the best i can. no one really answered my question…

All my friends are in college and the ones that aren’t are losers i dont want to be living with.
you also dont understand how hard it is to get a job around here. seems like all the 16 year olds with no responsibilities get them and when i was pregnant I couldnt get a job because I was showing

Administrator answers:

Looking for a job for only 3 weeks is nothing. While I can understand you wanting your own place, you need to look at the big picture, 1. You need a job, 2. Who is going to care for your child?
3. What up with the babies father? Do you have any other friends that once you get a job you can share a apt with.? What was your plan when you got pregnant? 19 is really young to be struggling with these issues, keep on looking for a job to take care of your child.

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