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April 25, 2012

Linda asks…

how long does it take for HUD to start paying?

I am looking to move to a new apartment. HUD is inspecting it tomorrow (dec22). If it passes how long will it be till HUD starts paying there portion. The landlord wont hold it till Feb. Would HUD start paying in January? I don’t know how long the process takes after the first inspection. I don’t want to lose the apartment and he wont hold it any longer than January. I don’t want to have to pay rent in to places.
you know what kikosanchez182 so what if I need help paying my rent. I am disabled, I get SSD, I work as much as I can, and I cant make ends meet. If I were able to work more I would, so I wouldn’t need help. But I cant so I do need help. I was asking this question so I can figure out my budget for the month of January. And another thing its none off your business if I need help or not.

Administrator answers:

The HUD office in my county completes the inspection and all the paper work within a week. However they send out the checks on the first of each month, so the land lord gets the check on the first of the month.

Carol asks…

do city apartment ordinances not apply since i am renting a “condo”?

My landlord raised my rent to 6%. Los Angeles has an apartment rent stabilization ordinance allowing only a 3% increase in rent for July 2010- June 2011.
My landlord states this does not apply because he claims I am renting a “condo” and there is no rent control in Westwood. There is no HOA fee, no common area, and the landlord owns all the units. What is my next move? Call city hall? HUD?

Administrator answers:

Not all of LA has rent control, it depends on when it was build, and as you state, how it is owned. If each unit has a separate deed, no matter who owns them, they are legally condos. If there is one deed only that all of the units are listed on it is an apartment.

If you send me your address and email I will look the deed up for you, if that will help.

David asks…

what is fixed income rental mean?

i have this friend who is looking into an apartment complex that pays 30% of what your income is on rent. he has social security at $667/month and told me his rent is going to be around $180/month. is this true? who pays the rest of rent? HUD? or another outside party? would this mean anyone who has a low income can apply for these type of apartments?

Administrator answers:

Tax payers are paying the rest of his rent. He is part of the national debt problem, unwilling to support himself.

And no, not everyone with low income qualifies.

Ken asks…

What is the Difference Between Hud & Section 8?

I live in Whittier And thinking of applying i have a low- income based family live in 1 bedroom apartment with boyfriend and 6 month old son and one on the way rent is 1,095

Administrator answers:

Section 8 is a voucher program under HUD (Housing & Urban Development) but it is not the only subsidy housing program. Some apartments have all subsidized apartments and adhere to HUD guidelines where if you are low income you pay only 30% of your income toward the rent with an allowance for utilities and out of pocket medical costs. There are waitlists for Section 8 voucher of several years.

James asks…

what helps you out more? HUD or low income housing?

I want to rent a house or apartment in Amarillo Texas and want to know which one ishould apply for? I’m 17 have a job and a kid and I’m emancipated. Thank you (:

Administrator answers:

I would try HUD. With HUD you have more options on where you can live- alot of nice places will take it. However, if you live in low-income housing units, the neighborhoods are usually pretty bad and i wouldnt feel safe being there with a child (and being a young female)

Ruth asks…

Can disabled persons buy a hud home?

I am on disability. I get $630 a month, I can’t rent an apartment and cant find a cheap enough house to rent. and I am tired of living in an RV with no AC. So I thought about buying a hud home.

Are there any type of grants that could help me get a hud home? I had to break my lease from my last apartment due to the land lord stalking and harrassing me, so I left in the dead of night one night, anyhow thats another topic…

Since I have broken my lease I know that it would be hard for me to get back into a rental, house or appartment, I also have 3 dogs (small dogs all togather they are about 15 lbs) so that makes it even harder, and no I can’t get rid of my dogs.

So are there any options for people like me, or are we bound to be homeless?

Thanks for the help.

Administrator answers:

That’s not very much to buy a home…. But I would think you would eligible for HUD backed apartment or house rent.

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