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May 10, 2012

Robert asks…

Why am I paying so much with HUD?

I just got an apartment and I am getting HUD assistance and I work about 30 hours per week at 7.25/hr. I have a 5 month old son and do not recieve child support and I pay for day care.. They are telling me my rent is going to be 225 a month, I do not understand why it is so much when I have friends that pay like 25$’s and make more then me.. I am not saying I should only have to pay 25$ but I still have to figure in NIPSCO and Water and groceries and a phone.. how am I expected to afford all of that??

Administrator answers:

HUD has different housing programs, perhaps your friends are on a different program? For section-8, you pay 30% of your income in rent maximum… Which in your case would be a maximum of $282.75. You should qualify for food stamps at your income level with one child, which would mean that you would not need any money for groceries (as food stamps are pretty generous). Will your job offer you more hours to bring you up to 40/week? Are you fighting for child support? Are they garnishing the other parent’s wages? You can afford to live on minimum wage — you just have to choose your other expenses wisely. You should be receiving state assistance for daycare as well, as your income is below the federal poverty level.

Lisa asks…

Does Section 8/public housing/HUD accept “no income applicants?

Like I know that it’s for low income and/or fixed income people but I was able to apply and get on the active despite not having an income. As some of you know I can’t get a job but I haven’t qualified yet for SSI. Could I potentially still get an apartment? Will they judge in my case by the fact that I am supported by my parents and require them to pay the rent and bills?

Administrator answers:

You can apply for SSI and not get it. You can apply to get a Section 8 voucher and not get housing. They prevent no one from applying. But you won’t get your voucher accepted anywhere without an income.

Susan asks…

How do you prove your landlord is entering your apartment when you’re not home without a work order?

I have lived in this apartment complex for a little over a month. I have noticed things moved, even things missing.When I asked the landlord about it she said nobody from maintenance had been in my apartment. However, I know someone was in here, and no sign forced entry, without a key. Here’s another fact. This landlord in the past has evicted many people by popular vote. See, the landlord is a pastor at a church. Everyone in this development attends her church. But me. I am Pagan. My books are openly displayed, my crystals, my cards, bells, athame u name it. HUD mandates religious tolerance. Herbs have gone missing whatever you have it, and the neighbor directly across the street sits on his patio and stares at my front door non-stop. He knows when I leave, when I have guests, and I have seen numerous people peeking in my windows. And saying things like “the devil is in there”. Why can’t people just leave me be. I pay my rent on time, everytime, and I am clean. What to do?

Administrator answers:

If you want proof my friend do it the way I do. I looked through newspapers for used combo televisions/ VCR sets. Then have them hidden where only I know of locations. I also bought 8 hour tapes in large 10 packs. You don’t need many as if you do not get your proof on them during an 8 hour period you can record over them until you do. If you remember to make sure you announce to yourself out loud during the recording the day and date. It doesn’t have to be too loud as the camera picks up audio noises. This ensures no mistakes to which the evidence has been collected on that day. Then I did the following. (see sites below) or

On these sites they have color or b&w audio video cameras. I suggest getting them and posting some outside your apartment (front and back) and inside your apartment pointing in the directions to which you would see these things. Hook up your cameras just as you would VCR to TV when bought separate – focus your cameras and make sure the pictures are upside right as opposed to upside down. Hit record on them before you leave and let them do your detective work. When you have collected what you need for evidence I suggest you take them to the police department and show them your evidence and then contact an attorney who deals with invasion of privacy issues and show them to him/her as well and report it to HUD. Btw – if you put up the hidden cameras that are inside the motion lights – they’ll think nothing of them going up and won’t draw suspicion. For all they know you’re just putting up motion lights to a little more security.

You can only change your locks if you rental contract stipulates that you do not have to provide the landlord/manager with a key. That I know from experience with the same problems you are experiencing. The extra key went to a friend of mine. If they needed in they had to call her, and she stayed until they were finished – locking back up when she left. P*ssed them off and I didn’t care. It was legal for me to do so. They were also HUD regulated.

Richard asks…

does anyone believe in matchmakers and do you know of any?

I am on a fixed income so I can not afford what some of these companiess like e harmny ets are asking, one service was like oh for everything its only 500 bucks, I was like what the french////!!! hell that costs more than my monthly apartment rent and bills (im on hud) they have a military singles website too (now THATS an area I know because my ex husband was army, my dad,hs dad for german army and my moms dad

I dont mind going out with younger guys a bit younger (im 33) BUT I am kinda in the fence about that, like flattered I would be chosen by omeone younger BUT inaulted when all the guy wants is a** and says ghe has an older/milf type etish Im like eewwwww gagross.. and sorry I don’t have kids

Anyhoo anyone on here a good matchmaker, in a way I would kinda prefer military cuz of my family history r know where I can go that wont take my whole mothl check?? I just want love that my ex never gave me and to grow old forever

Administrator answers:,, (totally free)

Laura asks…

Is my civil right’s being violated ?

I took a job that didn’t pay that well so in order 2 be sure I could make ends meet I moved into a hud apartment complex ..Biggest mistake of my life ..The land lady and her best friend (just a regular tenant ) and maintenance guy that run this place like french camp ..For example on 4th of July I allowed my son to light a sparkler , I read over the lease and seen nothing mentioned about firecrackers , The maintenance guy came out and screamed at me and my son ..I told him we r putting them out 2 calm down or I would call the police ..I explained 2 him that we were not 2 be screamed at ..This was outside in a pasture behind the apartment but still on the property ..No 2 ..If you let your kid play outside the land lady will accuse them of trying 2 damage the sod and tells them 2 go 2 the park … No sod was laid down except under the trees a few years ago ..If you go to talk 2 the land lady about a private matter her best friend(does not work there just a tenant) is sitting in the chair eating pop corn and wont leave so you can have a private word with her ..The land lady’s best friend is a trouble maker ..I was gone for a week and she told the land lady I had been gone for months , then the land lady told me if i didn’t occupy the apartments I could be evicted ..The land lady’s best friend keeps asking me why I don’t let my child play outside I said to be frank it’s because you complain about him or any other child that is outside playing so I take him to the library or to the park 2 play ..She got very upset and marched right to the land ladys house to tell on me ..Okay get this next day I flunked my inspection , I didn’t understand why
because I have o.c.d. which means I keep a spotless apartment so I asked the land lady why I failed and she said my vent was dusty I then knew she was lying because my son is allergic 2 dust mites so i keep that vent speck and span so the reason i really failed my inspection was because I gave her “best friend ” a dose of reality ..The best friend also complained of a little old mans rock garden and the land lady made him remove it .. One time I locked myself out of the apartment and she charged me 25 dollars 2 get in which was not listed in the lease but i was told if I didn’t pay I would be evicted ..That was the 1st time I was ever locked out ..She also locks the bathroom doors in the laundry room so the disabled people soil them selves because they can’t make it home in time , she said it’s because vandalism but I overheard her tell her daughter it’s because she doesn’t like to clean them …She is against premarital sex so she makes your guest check in at the office if they want to stay the night to keep tabs on who is staying over ..They have to get approved for a guest pass ..She is also telling tenants while they are checking their mail “now if you get someone else s mail sent to your apartment you can be evicted ..That really upsets me cause it’s non of her business what you receive in the mail ..She sends out dirty letters b4 the first to all the tenants that they better not even try to skip out on the rent and move she will prosecute..yup every month that threatening not is on everyone’s door .During the blizzard I couldn’t get to the bank and she told me if it wasn’t in by the 5 I was being evicted and the government of Arkansas had declared us under a state of emergency ..I finally ended up calling the little rock office on her and got approved 2 pay when snow melted anyways the lady and little rock that owns these hud building always sides with the manager so talking to her really does no good or she wont call you back ..Okay this is really upsetting this is the letter I got on my door today



okay she is not the law and who is she 2 fine someone for littering ?
who is she to judge and convict them with out seeing it ? just taking the word of someone else ?
And the cotton parts of tampons are suppose to be flushed ..who is she to tell us how to handle our selves why on the period ? It seems to me our civil right are being violated ..I was also accused by the maintenance a few months ago of flicking buts on the ground then I reminded him that I didn’t smoke ..What should I do about this ? I need some legal advice , also everyone in the complex won’t complain they are scared of being
I was in a car accident and have a eye patch on and 3 broken fingers so I do not give a sh!% about this being rifted with grammatical error but thanks for noticing

Administrator answers:

You’re civil rights have not been violated.

But your grammar violated mine.

Sandy asks…

HUD housing voucher coming up, what to do next?

Me and my brother signed up for dallas housing “aka” hud program, but we thought that we applied for section 8 but didn’t. Section 8 closed before we could sign up for it, but my dad was able to get on that list just before they closed it. so for a few years now I’ve been living with my dad in his section 8 apartment, my brother has his own place, but not with the Hud program. I’ve heard about this HUD housing program thing that they give you a place to live rent free, not sure if that’s true though, Anyway back to my point, after me and my brother signed up for it in 2006 he finally got his voucher around the beginning of this month, and yet me being closely behind him on the list. He told me that I might get my voucher at the end of this month. Though I didn’t check yet to see if my number is almost coming up. The thing I’m worried about is do you have to have a job to get whatever place the hud program puts you in? because right now I’m doing a summer job, but it’s not permanent, I don’t really have any type of income and no kids, and as I’ve said before, I’ve been living with my dad since 2005 (I think!). and I’m 21 going on 22 in October, so how is this program going to determine if they’ll place me somewhere or put me back at the bottom of the (two or three year list)?

Administrator answers:

If you are living in your fathers section 8 unit you qualify, as it is illegal for you to be living there without qualifying.

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