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May 14, 2012

Donald asks…

Looking for landlord tenant laws specific to New Hampshire?

I rented an apartment and my 2 year old Grandson came to spend the weekend. The landlord delivered a note which said he does not rent to people with children and had he known that I was going to have a child on the premis he would not have rented to me. We had verbal issues on this matter two more times over the next month when my daughter stopped by for brief visits with the child. I ended up moving out. My question is can a landlord legally harass a tenant for having children visit? Do I have any recourse? I am looking for monetary compensation. Can anyone send me in the direction to find info on this? I have been working with HUD for 7 months but now they are leaning towards saying that if the child was not my own child the landlord may have been within his rights.
Does New Hampshire have a tenant’s union or landlord tenant office? I see that as an answer quite often on here but do not know what it is or how to find it. We do have HUD who is supposed to help with landlord tenant issues.

Administrator answers:

Here are some links for you, in regards to landlord/tenant laws in New Hampshire. Since you are already working with HUD, you may already have some of this info, hope it helps anyway!! :

I hope this helps you!!

Richard asks…

I have a legal question regarding HUD regulations as well.?

I live in a privately owned apartment complex in Texas. It is largely made up of HUD clients. The manager of the property has decided to close down the complex swimming pool because she feels there are too many people throwing trash on the grounds. Is this fair? All residents are being punished for the deeds of a few and what does the pool have to do with the grounds anyway? Someone suggested that the pool is an “amenity” and is part of our rent. If this is true should we have to pay full rent and be denied use of our “amenities”? Even the local HUD office appears to be stumped on this one.

Administrator answers:

HUD has little to with it unless it is in the agreement with HUD that there is a pool. But the individuals that signed leases may have done so because there was a pool as part of the deal even if that pool isn’t listed in the lease.

Ken asks…

Do you think i should feel guilty for being on SSDI and being able to stay home enjoy life & pay only 170.00?

for rent in my own apartment(HUD housing) ? i get a SSDI CHECK each month which covers my rent, elect.,cable, internet,phone! i get food stamps for food! about 50.00 & i still have 300.00 left. Sometimes i feel guilty because i don’t work & my sisters work their butts off and i stay home & watch tv & play video games! SHOULD I FEEL GUILTY? I DO HAVE BIPOLAR & DEPRESSION & THAT’S WHY I DON’T WORK! i feel lucky i don’t have the stress of a job & i have nice things – apt., computer, flat screen tv, car etc.

Administrator answers:

Yeah, right. How do you afford a car and car insurance on SSDI?

Steven asks…

Rent increase of more than 5%?

When I applied for a HUD grant for rental property my rents were 500.00 month for a three bedroom apartment building.
I want to get close to market rent because of Costs rising.
My understanding is, While under this grant term, i can not increase the rents more than 5%.
How can I get around this??? I am going to sink as a good,clean and well maintained landlord, and my tenants while they do not want an increase during these times, could end up with a new landlord with possible rents of 1200.00 “market value”.
I don’t want market value but closer to 800.00 for my increases.
I am not getting rich off these properties but want to be able to repair them and maintain them properly.
how can i legally make this increase?
i have low rents because i want my people to stay, turn overs kill me.
i have a unit that would market for 1200 easy, and when i went under contract it was 500.00
my bad i guess, the gov’t has no common thought process??
i did not want market value but the increases are killing me and i would like to even it out.
i am under contract for 15 years, and increase of 5% will not help, 50 bucks is one fill up as you all know…….

Administrator answers:

You loose all control over your rent when you get involved with HUD. The only way for you is to discontinue the program, which you CAN’T until each renters lease is up. They usually have the right to remain for 2 years.

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