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May 19, 2012

Maria asks…

Lost job, can’t afford rent. What can we do?

We are married with a small child. My husband was making a plenty of money, and we currently live in a house that rents for 1075/month. Now that we can’t afford this place, and we have to move, who in their right mind would rent to us? Where are we going to go? I’ve checked with gov’t agencies like HUD and DHS, but there is a year waiting list for 1 bedroom apts. right now. Can you get an apartment on unemployment benefits alone?
Yeah, we are getting food stamps and WIC now. I went to DHS to talk to them about rental assistance, but I’ve never been treated with such disrespect and rudeness in my life. The woman actually LEFT HER POST while I was trying to ask her questions! She gave me some paper work to fill out, but it also has a lengthy section for our landlord to fill out as well. Fat chance, I’m afraid.

I will follow some of the suggestions given.

Administrator answers:

Ask Obama.
He will pay your rent and fill up your gas tank.

Sandy asks…

After 20 years of clean living should felons be able to rent a house or attend college .?

What do you think ?

We have no set rules that state when felons or if felons have access to Fair Housing we use sneaky wording to hide the fact we ban mostly men from Housing .Oveer 80% of the homeless population are men over 90 % of the prison population are men .

Alot of people are getting older and their seeing their is no retirement home for them no saving many are felons that have been out for many decades but are still going to be denied access to Section 8 and Hud unlike most other elderly people .

I realize that men with felony records do not live in nice apartments no matter how much we work but Id like that to change for the million of men that have families and are trying to do good for themselves.So what do you consider a resonable amount of time for felons to be considered rehabilitated . 5 years ,10 years 20 ,25 or whatever ,please share your thoughts.

Administrator answers:

Heck yeah, I mean it’s ridiculous that some ppl get the “felon” category for petty stuff or stuff that isn’t what really happened etc. I’ve seen many ppl in my line of work that are good ppl in a bad situation or crooked people whether it’s cops, friends etc. Get these ppl in trouble. So I say it may depend on the situation, but really OUR tax dollars are wasted on petty crimes and war? All for what? To make the rich richer and the poor poorer. Wake up sheep.

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