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May 23, 2012

Jenny asks…

show me apoartments for rent by income?

i want information on hud housing im interested in a apartment

Administrator answers:

The Lions and other service clubs have housing check them out

Robert asks…

Age discrimination in Apartment Renting ?

I recently tried to move into an apartment complex, I applied and was turned down and was told it was because I am 45 years old? However, this apartment complex housed people under 45 years old , but I was told I had to be over 55 years old. This apartment complex is not tagged a senior citizen apartment complex or Hud sponsored one. It seems that they just used my aged to hide the fact that I may have something else they did not like about me? My credit and job time and income is very good, so I don’t see where that would fall into stopping me. I just really freaked out when the apartment manager said she would not rent an apartment to me. Then I also noticed that the majority of the apartment residence are female? Anyway, I feel very violated here to have been treated in such a fashion. I could understand if I were applying to a senior citizen apartment but this clearly was not, or wasn’t supposed to be. Should I file a complaint and with who? thanks!

Administrator answers:

Perfectly legal, not illegal discrimination at all. They are allowed to have some non-seniors, plenty of senior men are married to younger women, those women are all the time.

There is no one to complain to, they are well within their rights.

Donald asks…

Can my landlord do this to me?

I live in a HUD subsidized apartment, where depending on my income HUD pays 30% of my rent. My landlord does employment verifications to find out your income. I sign a lease stating how much rent I will pay. It seems that 2 years ago my employer made a mistake and put that I made less money than I actually was making. Now since my rent would have been higher if the paperwork was correct, my landlord is charging me back rent for that period of time. Is this legal??? Bcause my landlord n my employer couldn’t get things right, I have to pay. I thought that the lease I signed was a contract that the landlord n I both agree to a certain amount of rent!!! How after 2 years they try to bring this up n charge me???
My job was to bring the paper work to my employer for them to fill out! They send it in the mail to my landlord, so no I never saw the mistake. The landlord doesn’t even show me the tpaperwork. There was no way for me to even catch that mistake when I never even saw the paper after my employer filled it out!!! I am a Taxpayer myself so I understand the cheated the tax payer comment but I signed a contract(lease) which stated what the rent would b HUD agreed, my landlord agreed n I agreed. How can they add extra money to a contract that was agreed to by all parties. I kept my end of the bargain which was tenancy for a year. How 2 years later they trying to charge me for a mistake Iii had nothing to do with???

Administrator answers:

Yeah, You need to let it go this way.

You knew it was wrong, you signed the papers. What you did was illegal, a felony that will get you 10 years.

The landlord should turn you in for welfare fraud, and will if you do not straighten it out.

Chris asks…

how do i go about getting some help for my problem?

i want to know where i can find a cheap affordable apartment ,i owe hud and i pay child support, restitution,probation fees,plus rent to live here at this trasitinal house,i need help

Administrator answers:

Check craigslist. Just beware of scams

Ken asks…

My friend want’s me 2 claim her kids on my tax .Is this legal ?

My friend is a single mom and she is living in hud apartment’s on child support she hadn’t been getting …Her kids do not live w/me how ever I do support them …I pay her rent it’s only 50 dollars a month but I pay it every month ..I buy her kids clothes , Christmas ,birthday’s and take them 2 school , the doctor and grocery store and I even give her grocery money when she runs out of food stamps I buy the medicines when they get sick …The father is a dead beat and 9 times out of 10 is unemployed ..She keeps asking me 2 claim her kids but I’m scared because they don’t live w/ me even though I support them …If I did indeed claim them I’d give her the money because those kids really could use it …I feel so sorry for them I was raised by a single mom and I can sympathize w/ the kids that’s why I help them so much ..Is there any laws that would allow me 2 claim them ?

Administrator answers:

She is the one legally allowed to claim them, but she may sign that right over to you. I’m pretty sure form 8332 would do this.

Mary asks…

Can any Apartment Complex be age restrictive?

I recently came across not being allowed to rent at a particular apartment complex. I was told that I had to be over 55 years old. However, there are plenty of other residents that are below 55 years old. This apartment complex is not listed as a Senior Citizen apartment, anywhere or does it advertise that it is. Is it proper or even legal to go back and forth with its policies whenever it wants. It is almost as if the apartment manager does not like you, they just use an age excuse not to rent to you. As far as I know this apartment complex is not affiliated with HUD in anyway. There are other apartment complexes that are positively Senior Citizen apartments, and that are affiliated with HUD. I am just a bit confused here about this particular apartment complex. This one seems to be abusing people rights.

Administrator answers:

Most senior housing is private and not associated with HUD at all. Yes, it is perfectly legal for them to be a senior housing and not rent to you. It is even legal to not rent to you because they do not like you. Being unlikeable is not a protected class of citizen.

They are not abusing anyones rights, they own private property and can be senior only if they so desire.

There are millions of other places to live, it is not as if you are being denied housing in the one and only vacent property in the country.

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