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March 14, 2012

Ken asks…

how does the subsidize HUD low rent apartment process go since its not with section 8 or public housing.?

Administrator answers:

It is part of public housing. The government pays part of the rent directly to the landlord. Rent for the tenant is income based and each has to be approved by the housing authority.

The landlord has to prove XX amount of money is spent every year in upkeep to the property, which is not true of section 8.

Section 8 voucher holders can move into these, just like they can move into public housing.

Charles asks…

Question about rent and HUD?

My husband, toddler son and I live in a HUD apartment complex. The amount of rent we pay each month is based on our income. If you have no income your rent drops to $0 until your situation changes. On the morning of Friday, April 8th my husband dropped off our rent check of $370.00 to the complex manager. Later that day he lost his job. He got home after the manager’s offce closed for the day. This morning (Monday) my husband asked the manager if we could get our rent check back because he lost his job. It is in our contract that if you lose your job in the middle of the month you are responsible to pay the rent for every day up to the day you became unemployed. So, basically we would owe for 8 days rent being $96. The manager refused to give us the check back and said the only thing she can do is give us a $274. credit to our account; meaning that when we are paying rent again our first rent payment will be $274 less. To me, that was pure stupidness. We are going to need every penny we have while my husband and I look for work. (we figured we’d have a better chance of finding a source of income if we both looked for work, then whoever doesn’t get a job will stay home with our child.) So I placed a stop payment on the check. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but now I can’t stop worrying that there may be legal ramifications. Is what I did against any NY laws? I definately plan to pay the $96. that we owe for April, but I don’t want to be paying rent that we dont owe that I can be using for food and electricity while we look for work. Did I do anything wrong/illegal?

Administrator answers:

Yes you did. You stopped payment on a valid check, one to the government none the less.

Anything over 300 is a felony. HUD sure as hell better press charges, supporting your family is bad enough, now you are committing crimes against the decent people in the US.

Mandy asks…

HUD laws: Can I rent one place at the same time moving into another place that is HUD operated?

Sorry for such a wordy question, but my question is rather complicated. I’m moving from a HUD (low income/disabled) housing in one state(apt A) into a HUD apartment in another state (apt B). I am required to give my current location 30 days notice before I move out. Due to family circumstances, moving right now is not the most palatable option, but when HUD calls to say there’s a place available, you take it or risk waiting many months more.

My question is this: Is it legal for me to move myself and just some of my things into apt B (and beginning to pay rent there), while still paying rent at apt. A? I’d move the rest of my things from apt A at a time that better suites me (but it wouldn’t be longer than a few weeks after the initial move). Is there some sort of rule for HUD that states you can only live and pay rent in one apartment at a time?
Sorry again for being so wordy. Thanks again for your help. :-)

Administrator answers:

No, you can not have 2 HUD units. You absolutely have to live in the one unit you have through them.

Sharon asks…

Any apartments for rent in Bowling Green, KY Sec 8 OK?

Seeking landlords and/or property managers in Bowling Green, KY who accept the HUD Sec 8 housing voucher program. Not the Sec 8 subsidized please. My son and I need a 2 bedroom rental that’s all utilities included or where I’d only have to pay 1 utility (electric). I need a rent special that’s zero or very low move-in cost until the Sec 8 payment kicks in.

Administrator answers:

If you have a voucher it kicks in as soon as you move in.

You need to state how much rent your voucher states the landlord is able to charge, you can’t move into anything more then your voucher states.

Sandy asks…

Can a person live with someone and not pay rent in a federal housing unit?

A 40 year old nephew of a renter in a hud apartment is living there without paying rent. Who:s fault is it?

Administrator answers:

It is no one’s fault.

Usually, renters in subsidized housing can have guests who live there for an extended period of time. The rules are different for each housing complex.

If the individual establishes permanent residency (which usually means being there for more than 90 days) the renter has to advise the housing agency.

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