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July 7, 2012

Ken asks…

Lawyers will not help me. Owners of my aprartment complex are violating my tenant and human rights.?

My apartment complex is going through renovation. The new property owners are extremely violating my tenant rights. They illegally removed my personal belongings without a judgment from a judge. I was not present nor were the US Marshals. I refused to relocate because they were relocating me in the state of Maryland. My children and I live in Washington, DC and I receive DC benefits. The owners along with my landlord want me to commit FRAUD by not telling the DC benefits office about relocating. The relocation place in Maryland is FILTHY, MOUSE INFESTED, and there have been NUMEROUS ROBBIES AND BREAK-INS. By refusing to leave I wanted to be ordered to leave by a judge. The landlord and the new owners of the complex REFUSED to give me a summons for court because they will have to SUE ME FOR PROSSESSION in which THEY NEVER DID. So, they illegally CUT OFF MY LIGHTS, WATER AND GAS. Mind you, I have two small children. The new property owners hired a PHONY moving company with unknown people from off the streets to remove my things without me being present. Now my kids and I are from pillow to pillow and sleeping in motels. I’m afraid and so are my children. I have to stay in DC in order to get my kids to school everyday. This is my last year of college and this whole process with the new owners is stressing me out every single day. The property owners along with the landlord are refusing corporate with the procedures for tenants that live in Washington, DC that apartment buildings are going through renovation. I went for help at the legal clinic; it’s nothing they can do unless I’m being evicted and my RENT IS PAID ON TIME EVERY MONTH. I went to HUD in which my apartment complex is through subsidized rent. They can’t do anything because my apartment complex is PRIVATLY OWNED. HUD would have HELPED if I was in a housing project. These people violated MY CIVIL, HUMAN, CONSITUTIONAL and TENANT RIGHTS. I need help. All they’re doing is laughing in my face. Please what should I do? How can I get help from a lawyer? I need a lawyer really bad? Student lawyers didn’t help me at all.

Administrator answers:

Start by calling the organizations on this page:,a,3,q,573359.asp

If they can’t help you, ask them to refer you to someone who can.

Good luck.

Donald asks…

am i qualified in any way for any type of home loan?

Will be working at jail bringing home a little over 29,000 a year. Only credit i may have would be from 8 months of car payments on a 2010 Hyundai i co-signed on. Should i even waist my time on trying for a home loan even on a HUD house or should i just start to rent an apartment, and get this sick ass Harley Davidson, Night Rod Special ( to build my credit and try in a couple years?

Administrator answers:

If you want a house you need a down payment… So start saving money instead of getting another toy.

The best way to find out is to ask your bank to pre-qualify you for a mortgage. They will run your numbers and let you know what kind of house you can afford and how much money they are willing to finance for you… Or what you need to fix first before they consider doing any deal with you at all.

Michael asks…

This is Information For Anyone in need of section 8 Housing?

Here are a few website. These are just a few. I used google and I used the search term section 8 housing finders. Hope this helps someone find a nice home :) = Section 8 and college off campus hosing find

Administrator answers:

Ruth asks…

living assistance for college students?

i do not want to live on campus at frostburg, but i doubt i’ll be able to afford my own apartment. how do i find out about getting my rent lowered? i tried checking out HUD online, but it was still confused. is there any way i can get some assistance while in college?

Administrator answers:

Check with the financial aid office at your school.

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