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July 25, 2012

Donald asks…

Prospective tenant not happy about me not renting to him because of 4 dogs was I wrong?

I have an apartment open that I had been advertising. A couple of the places I have advertised is online classifieds for the area (not craigslist but kind of similar). I had a response from a man who had asked about doing a small fence for a garden (he specifically said a garden). When I spoke to him on the phone he then said he had 4 dogs and wanted to fence off part of the yard for his dogs.

I told him that we could not allow him to section off part of the yard. I told him a garden with a small fence would be fine that we have had tenants do things like that with flower gardens but we just couldn’t let him and only him have part of the yard. It was unfair to the other tenants and their pets because I did not do the same and could not offer them the same because of the limited space we have and we must all share it. I also told him that I could not allow 4 dogs in the apartment he wished to rent because it had wood flooring and had been restored. That I had another apartment that I would be ok with having pets in. But not the one he wished to rent. He was very angry and went on a rampage telling me how it was unfair and he plans to turn me into HUD. (He is on it and I participate in it)

(I did tell him if he was interested in the other unit to let us know and we could meet and go from there. I was unsure because of all the pets. He also had a cat.)

Was I in any way wrong? (I am in PA)
Thnx I just wanted to double check that I didn’t somehow violate his rights. HUD comes in because I accept it and he is on it. I do allow one small cat or dog. I have made an exception now and then and allow 2 pets. But no rodents and such. It is in the lease about pets and the stipulations that go with them. (one thing is that they can’t be outside alone. so he couldn’t simply put them in a fence and let them anyways)

I was not too worried bc I didn’t think I did anything wrong but I wanted to double check. Thanks again!

Administrator answers:

Uh…no. You sound like you made a wise choice here.

Paul asks…

Please help! I was given a 7 day eviction notice from an apartment that my friend is leasing! Please help! ?

my “friend” let me and my family rent his extra room in his apartment he is leasing. I have a 2 year old and a fiancee. I asked if we could be put on the lease and he had a million excuses. Anyway we were given a 7 day eviction notice by his apartment place today. I need to know if HUD can help me or if anyone knows if they would move faster for someone in my situation. My fiancee recently lost his job so my income is all we have and I am a server and season has not fully kicked in yet at my job. But anyways I need someone who knows what I can do and fast. I would be forever in debt to anyone who really could help. I am just asking for good advice. I know I need to speak to hud but i am hoping maybe someone out there would know the best way to go about this. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help. I need a GREAT answer. Please no BS about blah blah whay is your fiancee not working or that I am a bad mom I just ran into a very hard time and the way this economy is you should be understanding and not judgmental. Thank you for your time and I hope to god that I get the help I need asap.

PS I don’t know if this helps but right now I am not making barely any money at my job because I am a server so I really do not have money for a deposit for my own place thats why i am trying to just get into a place. I wil be fine after Thanksgiving is over but I only have less then a week. By then it will be too late.
My “friend” would nto put me on the lease and. he went back and forth about it at times saying yes and then when i was ready to go he said no. He over charged me to begin with and I paid all of his rent for the month and come to find out he was the one who asked the aprtment place to vacate us because he has been hitting on me and said ot me last night that ” I could stay and so could the baby if i kicked my fiancee out and dated him. So to the person who says ” I put him at risk” and how he is a good person he is a real live walking talking peice of crap. What part of I needed real answers not criticism did you NOT understand? Thank you to all who submitted REAL answers and didn’t just write a repeated version of what I said. I went on and on about me because guess what…I NEEDED AN ANSWER FOR MY KID. he is at risk..the only thing that a**hole is at risk of is getting the crap kicked out of him and possibly sued for taking my money and then not even a week later doing this!!

Administrator answers:

I’m not sure what HUD could do for you. Unless the apartment is specifically part of a HUD program, they can’t do much for you. If the apartment is a subsidized, your “friend” cannot sublet or have you move-in without the housing program’s approval.

What type of seven day notice did you receive? Is it a termination notice? An actual “eviction” notice usually requires a court order issued after a court hearing and court summons. If the notice isn’t really an eviction notice, then you probably have time while the case goes through the court system.

What’s up with your “friend”. Did he not pay the rent? You should try to find a new place and consider suing your “friend” if you paid him rent.

Sandra asks…

Could i lose my apartment if I use my friend address so my kids can go to a different school ?

Currently I live in subsidized housing my friend does not she live in an another apartment complex where she pays market rent .We both live in the same district .She was thinking about putting me on her lease so my kids can go to a better school .
My question is do hud have anyway of finding out that I’m on somebody else lease. I’m not living with them I just want to use there address . Also could I lose my apartment ?
Some of you guys are assholes I’m trying to do whats best for my kids I don’t won’t them going to a neighborhood school. To the others thanks for the positive comments .

Administrator answers:

It’s never a good idea to play around with the law.

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