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March 19, 2012

Donald asks…

can you help me find a house for rent on hud in moultrie georgia?

hud houses not apartments

Administrator answers:

I have a theory that the entire world revolves around Moultrie. Everyone has a some type of link to Moultrie.
Thanks for improving my theory.

Sharon asks…

Renting 2 Apartments with Subsidized Rent/ Double subsidy question?

I moved into a subsidiazed apartment on January 2009. At the time that I submitted the application I was pregnant with twins my daughter and I were on the lease to a one bedroom apartment. I was also on the waiting list for a two bedroom elsewhere (at another apartment complex) In May 2009 the 2 bedroom became available and I accepted the offer. All of my information that I submitted to these 2 apartments were true (place of employment and income) The one bedroom apartment was too small to house myself and my 3 children so i wanted to break the lease but i was told that even if I do I would still have to pay the rent until they found a new occupant (this is a subsidized unit so I was getting assistance from HUD) Now my 2 bedroom apartment is teling me that HUD will not assist me with the rent because they are still helping me with the 1 bedroom in which I don’t need. I just don’t want to break the lease and continue to pay in that case I should keep the 1 bedroom instead of paying for a space I no longer lease. Will HUD still assist me with this 2 bedroom if I terminate my lease for the 1 br unit.

Administrator answers:

No, if you break your lease you will no longer be eligible for housing assistance of any kind.

You can not move into your 2 unit until your lease for the 1 unit has completed.

Your case worker should have spelled this out to you. You have no choice but to live out your lease if you still want public handouts.

Steven asks…

Can I Rent an Apartment in a HUD Housing Community as a Sex Offender?

I Committed an Offence in Florida where I had Consensual Sex with a Minor 16 Years old (who said they were 18) this happened in 1996. I have a Letter from The Office of The California Attorney General that is Dated 12/2009 advising me the following:

“Pursuant to California Penal Code Section 290 et. seq., you are no longer required to register as a sex offender in the State of California for your 1997 Conviction in the State of Florida for Lewd & Lascivious Acts with a minor.
The Department of Justice (DOJ) has updated it’s records and a notification concerning this action has been sent to the law enforcement agency with which you last registered. it is recommended that you retain this letter as evidence that you are no longer required to register.

I Found a Place in The Northern California Area I would like to Live and I’m on SSI as well so I would Qualify because of my Income. However, it is a non-profit corporation that accepts section 8 vouchers (i don’t have one) as well as check or money order to pay for the rent, therefore they get federal funding. I have been Crime Free since My Release from Incarceration on 06/20/2007.

Administrator answers:

As you know, when you were required to register, you were also subject to laws that restricted where you could live, where you could ‘hang out’, and who you could associate with.

As you are no longer required to register as a sex offender, there are no longer any restrictions on where you may live.

So yes, you sould be able to qualify for HUD housing.


Michael asks…

can you rent foreclosed or HUD house?

I know that you can buy foreclosed houses cheaper but can you rent one cheaper too? and all I’ve found on HUD is home buying not renting. I dont make alot of money and I wont for a while but I dont want to raise my son in my parents house or an apartment and I know that some of the foreclosed houses are nice and in good neighborhoods but I’m not ready to buy yet.

Administrator answers:

HUD rents homes via the housing authority. It is simular to section 8, except they are the landlords, this is how they house many felons and child molesters who can not get a normal landlord to rent to them.

The wait will be from 2 to 9 years depending on your location.

Laura asks…

i am trying to find an apartment where the rent is based on my income in Ohio?

i currently am a cmha resident but the area is a bad bad area to raise my 8 year old son. im trying to find a better house, apartment,really a house to live in without breaking my budget.i really am trying to also find out how to apply for hud houses and other apartments doesnt have to be cleveland

Administrator answers:

Use the link below to HUD for direct access on Ohio apartments that area subsidized. You should have no problem finding one from there. You can use this same link to get information on houses through HUD (on the left hand side near the top).

Good luck!

Lisa asks…

Can HUD inspect my apartment whenever they want even though I am not a HUD renter?

I live in Virginia USA, I rent an apartment and don’t utilize any government assistance.

Administrator answers:

It probably has to do with the apartment owner’s financing. HUD money may be involved.

Robert asks…

Is it true I can quality for HUD if I make less than 16k a year but don’t have any kids?

My friends parents have a 1 BR apartment for rent and it has just been approved by HUD. I’m a student and don’t work. Is it true that HUD will cover a lot of my living expenses? I thought you had to have a family to qualify. They were under the impression I can because the apartment is only habitable for 1 person.

Administrator answers:

No you would not qualify. You would need to be a working parent or disabled. Low income housing is not for students.

Sandra asks…

can property managers at HUD apartments harass you about where you get gas?

or smokes…and try to count that as income in figuring out your rent?
I lost child support payments a few months ago and that was my only income…now the people in the office say they “see me driving in and out of here all the time” and however I get gas needs to be counted towards that…I told them that I get gas money from people for giving them rides but not recurring and not on a regular basis…they said it didn’t matter..??
I was looking on a HUD website and found that the exceptions to things being including towards rent, and non recurring cash is on there, so are gifts and etc…

Administrator answers:

Yes, you need to give them an accounting of your income. This is not harassment.

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