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March 21, 2012

Daniel asks…

Why would I not be approved for this HUD apartment?

I am a single female who was born disabled and recieve a social security disability check. I was approved for a HUD voucher to rent a house/apartment. They told me my limit is $484 and I found a hud approved apartment for $400 a month. I turned the paperwork all in and my caseworker said she has to calculate it to see if I can afford it. Why wouldn’t I be able to afford it? How does the HUD program work in the state of Illinois? Everytime I try to ask my caseworker a question she says she is busy and will get back to me but never does.

Administrator answers:

Welcome to the wonderful world of the government worker. There is no reason why you wouldn’t be approved but because your case worker is over worked and under paid he/she has no memory of telling you you are approved up to $484 and likely has a guideline to double check the numbers before final approval can be given. You will have to be tenacious and keep calling her to remind her of previous conversations until she gives you an answer. Doing so will motivate her so that you will leave her alone. Do your best to not come off as impatient and kill her with kindness! Good Luck.

Laura asks…

Hud Public Housing Rent Calculation?

Currently I am in public housing. I work a full time job, pay my own medical, and do not get any other types of assistance.

My apartment manager is calculating my rent based on my income plus my ‘child support’. Which would be ok if I received my child support. This adds another 400 a month to my monthy income that I do not have. Not only this, they are basing this on the arrears payment also (which I do not receive either.)

Their excuse is … the state does not know if you are receiving your child support, so you have to pay based on that. However the state is supposed to be ‘collecting’ it, and they are not.

Also, they said I better not say anything or HUD will try to get more money from me. People are telling me that they are falsly calcualting my rent.

Can anyone clarify this for me?

Administrator answers:

They are not doing their job correctly. They are SUPPOSED to look at the last 30 or 90 days and do an average of child support received. If you have not received it they cannot calculate any of it in. On the flip side, say you get a $10,000 check from child support then they use that and you would lose your assistance. But you are correct in thinking they are not calculationg correctly. If they don’t fix it you need to call your county’s legal aid department.

Chris asks…

Who to contact about rent for subsidized apartments?

I recently was laid off my job my income went from 13,000 a year to 6,816 and year since i am drawing my unemployment…I live in apartments that go by your rent and i have done the recertification to have my rent adjusted my landlord said it was not going to change now i make $568 gross a month from unemployment and last time i checked your rent is 30% of your monthly gross income and my rent is still $360 and 30% of $568 is $170 who do i need to talk to to get this fixed cause how do i know she is not turning in something else saying my rent is lowerd and pocketing the extra rent she says i have to pay? i have called and emailed hud and the housing authority and i havent heard anything is there someone else i can call….any info would be great
i went to the landlord office and did my paperwork and gave her proof of the income change the only case worker i have is for dhs would that be someone i could talk to?

Administrator answers:

Chances are when you did your recert you visited an office to provide paperwork-that is your starting point. You dont have a caseworker ? Dealing with the government is a hassle–so be patient but persistant—If you are getting no response locally—check for a listing for your Agency in your state capital and ring em up—-when you find the problem solver–be sure to get their name and direct contact information for the future.

Donna asks…

what exactly is HUD housing???????????how does it work?

is HUD programs to help low-income tenants pay for their monthly rent?????

do every apartment allow HUD programs? are HUD programs common in small cities/towns?

who can qualitify for housing assistance?

Administrator answers:

HUD housing (in the rental field because there are also HUD foreclosures that are for sale) is public, low income housing. Section 8 is a program for low income housing that gives you a voucher to rent an apartment from a private land lord but it is up to the property owner to decide whether they will accept it. You will probably find most inner cities have some type of low income housing assistance; however, the more desirable (expensive) of an area, the land lords are able to get full market price from the tenant and they have no shortage of applicants so they do not need the hassle of Section 8.

First priority for housing assistance is to disabled elderly.

Donald asks…

is section 8 like Hud or is it hud, im looking for an ap with 2 daughters…. and i don’t make that much..?

i make about 1100 a month and want to move into an hud apartment, they help me pay my rent or i pay 30 percent of the rent……but im kind of confused between section 8 and hud or are they the same?
**an apt** i meant

Administrator answers:

A HUD or low income apartment is not the same as a section 8 voucher.

A HUD or low income apartment is were your rent is based on your income. These are only HUD and have certain qualifications to live on that property. Everyone that lives there would be low income.

A Section 8 voucher is were they pay a portion of your rent to the landlord and is for any property that will accept it. Not everyone in the complex would be on Section 8. With this you also have the option of renting a house if any private landlords in your area accept it.

You just need to go to your local housing office and see what you wold qualify for. Keep in mind that the waiting lists for both of these programs can take years.

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