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April 18, 2012

Laura asks…

Can HUD force me to return a security deposit?

I had a tenant who was on HUD. Their lease was not set to expire until May 31, 2010. On Dec. 1st the tenant came to me and said she wanted to break her lease bc her mom was ill and she wanted to move closer. I told her OK that was her decision. I asked when she planned on leaving. She said she didn’t know but probably sometime in January. I asked her if she thought it would be the beginning of January or the end. She said the beginning then said no probably not until the end or sometime in February. I told her OK I would start to advertise it but I would need to know a date as soon as possible.

On Dec. 16th I received a letter from HUD stating that I had to sign it so she could move and i had to return the deposit. HUD didn’t even want me to inspect the apartment first my lawyer said no to definitely inspect it first. I never made any agreement with HUD about breaking the lease. Reason being, these people had been HORRIBLE tenants. I have had more trouble with them than I had ever had with anyone else.

At one point they had 10 people living in their 3 bedrooms apartment so they felt they weren’t getting enough privacy so they built a 4th bedroom in the dining room!!!! One bedroom was filled with beds there was hardly any walking space. I tried multiple times to evict them but every time HUD or other programs they were on stepped in.

They also did drug deals out of the apartment. They chose to leave because they had exhausted their programs with me and I told them if they violated their lease one more time I would evict bottom line. They were also nervous because the drug task force had been in touch with me as well as the state police (I live in the building and they must have overheard a phone conversation or something. I don’t know how they found out about this).

I was going to give them their security back just because I am so happy to be rid of them but then I received the letter from HUD on December 16th stating I HAD to give it back as well as they would be out on December 31st. When I confronted the tenant about the date she denied it. When I todl her that HUD sent a letter stating it she finally admitted yes they would be gone by then. They did not actually leave until January 5th though. Even during that time they never told me what was going on. They were sneaking around at night…i guess to make me assume they were staying?

Bottom line do i HAVE to give back the security? The lease specifically states that if it is broken then the deposit is forfeited. It also states that if there is not at least a 45 day notice of departure there is a penalty in the amount of one months rent. HUD had a copy of the lease and was aware of these provisions so how can they say I have to give the security back? (I am just tired of these programs defending horrible people like this!!) I did not place these tenants here. They lived in the building when I purchased it last year. Advice plz
I do know that i only have 30 days to return the deposit or give reason as to why it won’t be returned (I have gone through this with the other set of original tenants when they broke their lease.) I will also be speaking with my lawyer this week but am looking for others input. If this is how HUD operates I do not think I will be working with them again.
HUD did not give them the security. They did not get HUD until shortly after I took over the building. My understanding was, the previous owner charged them a $400 security. They paid $150 or $200 then painted and worked the remainder of the balance off.

Administrator answers:

I rent to section 8 tenants and never dealt with this.First of all –I have never heard of HUD putting up Security..I have had tenants get the deposit from other agencies but it is put under the tenants name… All the BS they caused you aside..You have a broken lease-and the lease makes the penalty clear–now you have to fix damage-and pay your Lawyer…Tell them to suck an egg-and turn around and sue for the damage they caused the apartment…for the most part my experiences with HUD have been positive–and when tenants became problems they put them in line or backed my decision to evict and revoked their vouchers

Michael asks…

Can anyone out there please answer a question about HUD for me? I promise to keep it simple! :) ?


I am a single, divorced mom. When I divorced I was awarded the property we lived on. Soon after my divorce, I became very ill with lupus and I could not afford even the small mortgage payment.

So I let my ex-hubby live there…in exchange for making the payments on the property. (The property is still mine, he signed a quit claim deed.)

I moved out into Section 8 housing (Kentucky.)

Anyway, my question is:

HUD is paying my rent on my apartment, which is almost $ 400. My mortgage payment was only $ 305 per month. Are there any programs out there that could help me make my mortgage payment, instead?

I only owe $ 13,500 on the property. Sadly, though…my credit isn’t so great because I was disabled with lupus for three years before being awarded my disability.

Also, please know that I’m not some deadbeat just trying to bilk the government. I pray for a remission so that I can return to work.

I appreciate any advice! Thanks in advance!

Administrator answers:

HUD does not pay mortgages because it is not for profit, you profit from mortgage payments.

I am actually surprised you qualify for section 8 since you own property

Thomas asks…

Layers will not help me because I live in HUD subsidized housing?

My apartment complex is going through renovation. The new owners are extremely violating my tenant rights. They illegally remove my personal belongings without a judgment from a judge. I was not present nor were the US Marshals. I refused to relocate because they were relocating me in the state of Maryland. My children and I live in Washington, DC. My children and I attend school in DC and I receive DC benefits. The owners want me to commit FRAUD by not telling the DC benefits office. The location in Maryland is FILTHY, MOUSE INFESTED, and there have been NUMEROUS ROBBIES AND THEFTS. By refusing to leave I wanted to be ordered to leave by a judge. The landlord and the new owners of the complex REFUSED to give me a summons for court because they will have to SUE ME FOR PROSSESSION in which THEY NEVER DID TO THIS DAY. So, they illegally CUT OFF MY LIGHTS, WATER AND GAS. Mind you, I have two small children. And lastly they hired strange people from off the streets to remove my things without me being present and nothing was ordered by a judge and without US Marshals. Now my kids and I are from pillow to pillow and sleeping in motels. The owners are refusing corporate with the procedures for tenants that live in Washington, DC that apartment buildings are going through renovation. I went for help at the legal clinic; it’s nothing they can do unless I’m being evicted and rent is paid on time EVERY MONTH. I went to HUD in which my apartment is through subsidized rent. They can’t do anything because my apt. complex is PRIVATLY OWNED. They would have helped if I was in a housing project. These people violated MY CIVIL, HUMAN, CONSITUTIONAL and TEANT RIGHTS. I need help. They should not be threaten or have to live I fear and so shouldn’t the other tenants. Please what should I do?

Administrator answers:

If you had put all this newfound knowledge into your consitutional rights to get a high school education you wouldnt have this problem because you’d be paying your own bills.

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