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Your Questions About Income Based Apartments

March 18, 2012

Helen asks…

I am looking for income based apartments in Richmond VA area. Do not want public housing.?

Myself , 67 and grandson, 14. Suburbs ok if public transportation is available.
Tax credit apartments or apartments adjusted according to rent by income restrictions are not public housing , per se. U guys are wrong. Can someone help??

Administrator answers:

ALL of the income based apartments are part of the public housing program. You will not find any at all that are not part of it.

Betty asks…

How can i find Income based apartments?

Administrator answers:

You get approved through the housing authority, so start there. They have several different programs, only your case worker can tell what you qualify for. Once you know that they will give you a list of vacancies so you can apply with the landlords themselves.

Thomas asks…

income based apartments Indepedence Missouri?

I cannot seem to find any low income based apartments online for Independence/Blue Springs Etc and i need to help a friend find a place ASAP!! Can someone Help??

Administrator answers:

Your friend needs to contact the housing authority, they will tell them which, if any, they qualify to live in and put them on a waiting list.

Joseph asks…

How do income based apartments work?

I applied for an income based apartment in my area. My state of residency is Minnesota. I was wondering if somebody might be able to give me a number of how much my rent would be with the following figures. I bring in around 450 every 2 weeks, or 900 a month roughly. My boyfriend is temporarily laid off from his job as a pca as his client decided he didn’t want a pca right now, so he collects unemployment until his company finds another client who needs assistance. He brings in 130 a week with that, or 520 a month. I was RUDELY told by another person when I asked this question before that I was a couch potato becuz I only bring in 450 bi weekly & my boyfriend collects unemployment, without first understanding my situation or asking further questions this person “landlord” rudely assumed that I don’t work or don’t want to work, which is so far from the truth. They said to qualify both have to work 35 hrs a week which they said we are unwilling to do. NOT TRUE. I work 10 hr days usually 5 days a week. So, anyways back to my question. With those figures I was wondering if anybody who knows about income based apartments could tell me in number form approximately what my rent would be. I also have a 4 yr old who would be living with. Last time I applied for the income apartments I think I remember the lady telling me that if you have a child living with you under age 18 that another portion of the rent comes off, or a percentage? Wondering if that is true. Also I was wondering if they take into consideration any monthly bills. That rude person before also said they don’t care what bills you “elect” to have, well I was not talking about cell phones, shopping sprees, ect. I was talking about car insurance, or grocery bills or medical bills. Things like that you don’t “elect” to have. Car insurance is required by law to have so it is a necessity each month as well as food. It was a simple question, a yes or no was all that was needed, but the person before had to make a big deal about it. I’m very disappointed by the people who sometimes choose to answer these questions. Yahoo answers is here for people to get educated on a topic they don’t quite understand & to ask questions. Not to get ripped on by some “know it all” or in my opinion know nothing people. I don’t expect a rude reply from anybody. I’m simply looking for information on an income based apartment, not a rude you won’t qualify becuz your lazy. Also, apparently you don’t have to work 35 hrs a week to get into these places becuz I happen to personally know a girl who lives in an income apartment right now who has 2 boys & has not worked a day in her life & all she has to do is pay 25 a month for rent, which she gets from county assistance. So me who has a job should & probably will get into it. So please anybody who wants to kindly give me information & answers to my questions do. Landlord I don’t care to hear from you again. I don’t need people who want to be rude to reply. Serious responses only please!!
Omg, what don’t you people get….I DO work a full time job. I get 40 hrs a week MINIMUM. Some actually most weeks I get OVER 40 hrs. READ THE QUESTION ALL THE WAY THRU BEFORE GIVING A RESPONSE PLZ. Im getting so fusterated with this crappy website.
also if the 35 hr a week thing is true, then how the heck are ppl with no jobs getting in….i don’t think anybody knows what the frick is going on with these…half the people who live in the apt complex around here have NO jobs at all. the county is paying for their rent & food.

Administrator answers:

You do not earn enough to be accepted. You must work a full time job with a minimum of 35 hours.

Mark asks…

How do you find an income based apartment?

I have heard of income based apartments where your rent is based off of how much you make each month. Does anyone know anything about these and how I go about finding one in my area? I live in Indianapolis Indiana close to Fishers and was hoping there is something close by to move into. I googled “income based apartments” and didn’t come up with much. Please help!

Administrator answers:

Most are programs like Section 8 for women with children, handicapped or the elderly, they are a form of assistance. They have several year waiting list in many places. An able bodied adult shouldn’t need help long enough to qualify because you can do better on your own if you make more than about $1,200 a month.

Mandy asks…

Income based apartments in Tampa?

I need to find a place to stay ASAP.. Does anybody know where I can find income based apartments at in Tampa florida??
There is a diffefence between income based apartments and low imcome…

Administrator answers:

You need to ask your case worker. Contact the housing authority.

Expect to wait 3-5 years though, you are not so special that you can bypass the waiting period.

Carol asks…

Does anyone know where to find a list of income based apartments in Muskegon, MI and surrounding areas?

Administrator answers:

I was born in Muskegon, so I just had to help you out with this one. I used google and found the following information:
Muskegon Housing Commission
Phone: (231)722-2647
Fax: (231)722-9503
1080 Terrace Muskegon, MI 49442

Muskegon Heights Housing Commission
Phone: (231)733-2033
Fax: (231)737-3206 615
E Hovey Avenue Muskegon Heights, MI 49444

I’d give them a call because their websites are a bit outdated. Good luck!

John asks…

Does anyone know of any income based apartments in the Atlanta Ga area?

Administrator answers:

There’s a low income housing hot line at 404 222 2739 and you can find a low income housing directory at That site has a lot of different info on low income rent related things so you do need to read through a bit to find the info you want.

Here’s one other source of information

You can also check with the Bureau of Housing at Suite 1200 68 Mitchell Street Atlanta, GA 30303 Tel: 404.330.6390 Fax: 404.658.695 for section 8 and for info on affordable housing places within the city (these places get tax breaks or grants to keep it low income friendly) There are quite a few such places but many have waiting lists or special requirements.

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