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Your Questions About Income Based Apartments

March 21, 2012

Mandy asks…

What is the difference between “income restricted” and “income based” apartments or is it the same?

Administrator answers:

“Income restricted” means that your total income cannot excede a pre-determined amount.
“Income based” means that the amount you will pay is based on your income.
Often taken into consideration in both instances are family size, special needs expenses, etc.

Thomas asks…

Question About based on your income apartments?

Do you have to be employed to be eligible to move into a based on your income apartment? If you dont’t have to be employed, then what will rent most likely be? Or do you have to have some type of income, like child support for example. I am a single mother of a 2 month old baby, and need to find my own place. I know I could just call, but I would rather ask on internet first.Thanks.

Administrator answers:

You need to work full time, the rent is based on your income, but it has to be full time income, you can not be low income because your butt is firmly attached to the couch.

Steven asks…

Atlanta low income or based income apartments?

What decent area in atlanta can i find based income apartments? im relocating from north carolina and need a place around alot of job opportunities

Administrator answers:

This website is great for finding your perfect budget apartment/house:


Susan asks…

Income restricted/based apartments on Long Island?

Does anyone know of apartments on Long Island that base your rent off of your income? Preferrably Suffolk County.

Administrator answers:

Mastic, Shirley, Wading river,Rocky Point, Riverhead, bellport, Central islip, brentwood

Carol asks…

income based apartments?

what is the best way to find income based housing/apartments. I live in the ann arbor michigan area, and would like to apply to some income based apartments, but do not know how to go about finding them.

Administrator answers:

They are regulated through the Housing Authority, they can provide you a list and give you an idea of how long the waiting list is, which is usually 2-5 years.

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