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Your Questions About Income Based Apartments

March 27, 2012

Steven asks…

INCOME BASED apartments- Rome, GA?

I want to move to Rome, GA to continue my studies. I would like to know if anyone knows of any income based apartments VERY, VERY CLOSE to Georgia Northwestern Technical College, the school I will be attending. I need to be close because I do not have a car, and I do not know of any public transportation in Rome, GA. I also have 2 very young children, so I would also like any information on daycares and an elementary school nearby. Thanks for all of your help! It’s greatly appreciated =)

Administrator answers:, an apartment finder service, makes your Northwest, Marietta/Kennesaw/Woodstock, GA rental search easy. Let us guide your search for rentals from the apartments for rent listings provided.

Sandy asks…

Income based apartments…?

I was wondering about the whole income based apartment thing. I’ve heard they look at your income and decide from there, but then I see the profiles on the apartments and they have rent ranges listed that don’t look any different from any other place. Exactly how does the whole thing work? Do these places actually determine your rent based on your income or what?

Administrator answers:

It depends on what you mean by income based.

Some people have what is called a “Tax Credit” or “Section 42″ property where they have income guidelines, but the rent is not on a sliding scale. At these places they have to keep their rent below a certain level, and you have to fall in between certain income ranges in order to qualify. These are sort of an in between for people who can’t afford conventional housing, but have too much income to qualify for low income housing.

A low income housing property “Section 8″ or “Subsidized” will have a sliding scale for their rent. You will pay so much per month depending on what your annual income is.

The best option will be to call your local housing authority and ask them if they have a listing of subsidized housing in your community. They would also be able to tell you about obtaining a Section 8 voucher, which they would pay a portion or all of your rent and it would be transferable from property to property. Good luck!

Sandra asks…

does anyone know of any income based apartments in the DFW area? not section 8 or housing.?

section 8 and housing are not taking in any new applications. Any info will helpful.

Administrator answers:

All of the income based apartments are part of “housing”, the rent is subsidized by the tax payers. If you are on the housing waiting list you are already on the waiting list for income based housing.

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