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Your Questions About Income Based Apartments

March 31, 2012

Mark asks…

can income based apartments consider educational benefits as an income?

I live in Section 8 Hud Housing. Our rent is based on our income. We pay 30% of what we make. I was in the army and I payed into the Montgomery GI Bill. What that means is that if I start going to school I will recieve a check for every month that I piad into the bill. I paid in for 8 months. so i will be getting a check for $1368 for 8 months. According to my landlord, those checks would be considered an income. I have school completly payed for with the Wisconsin GI Bill so i wouldnt need to use these checks to pay for school, the only thing i would need them for is to buy my books each semester and to pay my internet bill because I am going to school online. Im just wondering if the apartments can consider that an income and if they can charge me rent for them.

Administrator answers:

No! Those are educational benefits not monthly income

Maria asks…

How much do income-based apartments typically cost?

So my living situation might be changing soon and it might not be. I am considering moving into a really nice apartment complex that is closer to work (I currently live in the country). However the apartments are “income-based.”

I know you obviously can’t determine the exact amount because different places charge different amounts based on your monthly or yearly income but I would really love a estimation.

I live in Michigan which has a pretty high cost of living. I take home almost exactly $1,000 a month sometimes a tad more others a tad less. I would be the only person living there. They have both one and two bedrooms apartments available.

Thanks for any help you can offer!

Administrator answers:

Income is based on gross, not net. You have to work full time. You would only be allowed a 1 bedroom, these are rent subsidized housing.

Laura asks…

how does rent based income apartment works?

I live here in Fresno, CA and while searching for apartments online, I’ve seen some places that let you pay rent based on your income.I don’t really know much about it but,How do they actually calculate it? Is there a certain percentage they take from your gross income? Is every “rent based income” apartment in California the same? And does it matter how many people will be staying in the apartment? (just me, my hubby, and our son?) Also my hubby works full time and Im a full time student.

Administrator answers:

You have to make below a certain amount. The difference is subsidized by the government.

Betty asks…

Wondering about income based apartments?

My state of residency is Minnesota. I am wondering a little bit about income based apartments. 1st I’m wondering about what rent will be. I bring in around 450 every 2 weeks & my boyfriend does not have a job at the moment, he got laid off. He collects 130 a week in unemployment. We have a 4 yr old child. Could anybody estimate what my rent would be based on that information? Also, do they take into consideration car insurance or any other monthly bills? I also heard that if you have a child under age 18 that they take so much off the rent each month, any truth to that?? Any information I could get on this would help me out.
Exscuse me “landlord” but I DO work over 35 hrs a week. In fact I work 40 & beyond that. I work 10 hr days usually. My boyfriend works to, he just recently got laid off. We are far from “couch potatos” & leeching off welfare. He only got laid off becuz of the type of job he chose to work in. He is a pca & his client decided that his family could take care of him so until his company has another available client his is laid off. My checks are smaller becuz I am trying to save for my future by using the companys 401 k program, my medical each month comes out of that, & taxes. Also I was not talking about bills that are not necessity. I was talking about car insurance which is not “elected” it is LAW to have car insurance on any vehicle you drive in your name in minnesota. So before you start talkin about somebodys lives why don’t you get your friggen facts straight STUPID. I work my butt off for my kid so she can have what she needs. We both do unlike alot of other people. He isn’t choos

Administrator answers:

You will not qualify, both of you have to work at least 35 hours a week, and it looks like neither of you are willing to do that. The housing is to help working families and the disabled, not couch potatoes.

As far as what you pay, if you were actually working to support your child, is about a third of your income. They do not care what other bills you elect to have.

David asks…

Are there any income based apartments in Lebanon, Indiana?

Administrator answers:

Http://;;0;;;0;63412;Housing and Utilities;Housing Payment Assistance;461;Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher.

This link might help out some.

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