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Your Questions About Income Based Apartments

April 3, 2012

Steven asks…

where in buckhead atlanta are the based on income apartments?

im about to relocate to atlanta georgia and need a place thats based on income right away until i know my surroundings better and the jobs are more available to me

Administrator answers:

Google Atlanta or Georgia Housing Authority. Call the # and ask for a list. In Missouri, they take30% of your
adjusted income.

Chris asks…

where can I find income based apartments in Bristol, PA 19007?

Administrator answers:


Helen asks…

im looking for info on income based apartments/townhomes in the twin cities mn area?

Administrator answers:

This question has gone four days without an answer. The rent for “low income” apartments is usually subsidized by a program such as Section 8. The tenant pays an amount of rent based on income, and the balance is paid by the government program. If you have not already done so, you probably need to apply for Section 8 benefits. You can do this through your local housing authority. Housing benefits are usually administered on a county by county basis, so there will probably be a Hennepin County for Minneapolis and a Ramsey County office for St. Paul. You can find the offices in the telephone book by looking under the appropriate county government.

Once you have been approved for benefits, the office that approved you should provide you with a list of landlords that accept Section 8 vouchers.

Here is a specific website where you can search by Minnesota city for subsidized housing:

Go to the site and fill in the small bit of information required, and you will get lots of leads on subsidized rental units.

Good luck with your search.

Paul asks…

income based apartments somerset ky?

I live in Somerset Kentucky and I am looking for a income based apartment for me and my 2 kids. due to the past I have bad credit and ever apatment I apply for I get turned down due to my credit. I was in a car wreck and am unable to work untill I get released from my doctor and all I have is child suppot which is not enough to pay all my bills plus rent.what can I do or who can I contact to see about getting a home for me and my children? is there any apartment that will look over my bad credit? Please serious answer’s only please this is very serious to me

Administrator answers:

No, you will not qualify on two counts, your credit and the fact that you do not work (unless you receive SSDI).

The housing you do qualify for would be weekly motels or the homeless shelter. Here is their number, (606) 330-0785 They will usually let you stay for 3 months while you get yourself a job and save up for a deposit and what not. Because of your credit you will likely end up having to live in the ghetto areas, which you will be familier with as the shelter will be in one of them.

Joseph asks…

Does anyone know how i can find income based housing?

I live in SC and i heard that there are programs you can apply for that will help you find income based apartments to rent but i have no idea where to look. My husband and I have a six month old and another baby on the way so we need all the help we can get. Does anyone have any tips?

Administrator answers:

Your local HUD office (Housing Authority) should be able to help you and let you know what programs are available and how long the approximate waiting lists are. There is a work requirement; however, parents with young children (most programs are children under 5) are allowed 1 parent to stay home with the children (so, only one parent would have to work full-time if you are staying home with the child (soon to be children).

Thomas asks…

anyone knows any based on income apartments in richmond va?

anyone knows any based on income apartments in richmond va
i am currently pregnant and in need of an apartment

Administrator answers:

You need to qualify through the housing authority anyway. Call them up, based on your income level (there are both minimums and maximums) they can tell you what you qualify for and how long the wait list is for that complex. Expect the wait to be years, at least 3.

Sandra asks…

Is there a ‘priority’ in people applying for a income based apartment such as children and so on?

I applied for an apartment through an agency that has income based housing. I was wondering what they look at to help you in being accepted. I have a daughter & currently expecting my second child and i also work in the area. So basically i just want to know what priorities they are, or who may be considered for housing first. Please no rude answers, this is a serious question & want serious answers.

Administrator answers:

First are senior citizens, then the disabled, then families. All families are equal, number of children and stuff does not matter.

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