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Your Questions About Income Based Apartments

April 10, 2012

David asks…

I’m looking for a list of income based apartments for the disabled in Cedar Rapaids Ia. Any help.?

Administrator answers:

You have to get them via the housing authority. If you qualify your case worker will give you a list.

Donald asks…

are there income based apartments in warren mi?

Administrator answers:

Yes, there are apartments you can get at a reduced rent due to your income… Contact HUD.

Betty asks…

Where are there safe crime free low-income base apartments in Indianapolis, In?

Do anyone know of any good, crime free low-income base apartments in Indianapolis with good neighbors and churches? Because I am a full-time nursing student in desperate need one. I do not care how long the waiting list is? Preferably three bedrooms.

Administrator answers:


You get what you pay for.

If you want a good neighborhood you have to pay for a good neighborhood.

The less then desirable people live in the income based apartments, they are low income for a reason. These are not the top people in society, they are the bottom.

Being on the bottom you do not live like the top. It will be bad, high crime, low life’s for neighbors, but likely lots of churches.

Chris asks…

I am helping my sister move and we cannot find any Info on Income Based Apts.Do You Know Where I Can Look?

Me and My sister are moving and we are trying to find Apartments with photos if possible of Income Based Apartments.We have searched and searched.Does anyone know of any links,websites,etc….of any Income Based Apts?

Administrator answers:

You can look here, this place is for sale and you can rent the rooms out if you want. Http://

Ken asks…

how do i find low income based apartments?

Administrator answers:

Either your local newspaper or your counties housing authority.

Helen asks…

can anyone please give me a list of income based apartments in charlotte nc?

Administrator answers:

Charlotte Housing Authority:

Mark asks…

Income based apartments……..?

Im living with my parents and I want to move out. I dont have a job tho, Iv tryed for several months now and i cant find anything… I am recieveing welfare help and i get cash assistance. Would any of the income based aparments concider me for a place since im still recieveing money every month? Or would I actually have to have a job? Im not sure if I’ll be able to get a job anytime soon with the economy as bad as it is.

Administrator answers:

YOu have to ahve a job, and qualify through the housing authority. Most have a 2-5 year wait on income based housing, you will not be using it right away.

Nancy asks…

Where can I find a list of income based apartments?

..preferably in Ohio

Administrator answers:

I would seriously look into contacting your LOCAL Section 8 Housing Center. Call Your Local Town and they will give you the Section 8 phone number

Linda asks…

based on income apartments in atlanta georgia?

where can i find based on income apartments in Georgia

Administrator answers:

Contact the Atlanta Housing Authority for Section 8 Housing vouchers, and subsidized housing options.

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