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Your Questions About Income Based Apartments

February 22, 2012

Donna asks…

Is there a website that I can apply for income based apartments?

I live in MA. I want an apartment of my own. Is there any good places that I can apply to in MA? And can I do it over the internet?

Administrator answers:

As a single person you are ineligible for income based apts. Those are reserved for families.

Lisa asks…

what are some income based apartments in maryland?

My boyfriend and i are looking for a place to live and we need somewhere to go asap. i just got a job and im ready to move out of my mothers house. i try’d looking for a roomate but they either don’t except couples, “only have space for 1″, or don’t want babies in the house.
i know brooklyn homes is one but its way too far from work.

Administrator answers:

First you need to qualify for income based housing, you do that through the housing authority. If you need help finding that email me your city.

Once you qualify you will be given list of available units, that is assuming there is no waiting list. There easily could be a wait of a couple of years.

John asks…

Is there any income based apartments near dayton that dont do background checks and are decent?

We are looking for a nice one because it is me my boyfriend and our son and we want to go to college downtown dayton. He has a felony from over a year ago so were looking for one that doesn’t do background checks

Administrator answers:

I’m under the impression that income-based apartments will want to verify your income to see if you qualify for the reduced rent, and they typically tend to latch onto other background information in the process.

On the other hand, your bf’s past is his past. They may not care about his record.

- Stuart

Betty asks…

what can my annual gross income be for income based apartments?

me and my husband are applying ,both of our income together is around 15,100 a year

Administrator answers:

There is no need to ask over and over again.

You are required to work at least 32 hours a week to get assistance. Since you both do not do that you will not qualify.

Michael asks…

are there any income based apartments in louisville,ky?

im looking for an apartment for my son and i and i only make 9 an hour. i already know about section 8 but the waiting list is too long. i only make about 1000 a month. i heard shepherdsville ha s really cheap income based just dont know what they are.

Administrator answers:

Income based housing is section 8. Plain and simple. Shepherdsville is a town in Kentucky

Donald asks…

where is the list of income based apartments for atlanta,GA?

im having my second child and can no longer afford to pay rent in my house.Trying to find the list of income based apartments in atlanta before we are homeless thanks

Administrator answers:

Try the Atlanta Housing Authority web site:

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