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March 5, 2012

Betty asks…

where can i find income based apartments in orange county?

Im a low income person with one child, i have roommates and in charge of the apartment. but im getting tired of them being late on their rent which makes all of my bills pile up

Administrator answers:


Helen asks…

Does anyone know of income based apartments in Gastonia NC?

My husband just left me and i have a premature son. i am not working but i recieve SSI for my son.

Administrator answers:

Gastonia Housing Authority
Phone: (704)864-6771
Fax: (704)861-8545 340 E Long Avenue
NC 28054

It’s called Section 8. I don’t know the approval process, but it doesn’t have to be an apartment complex. It could also be a private ownership. Call them to get started.

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